My Serene Rose Garden

A Beautiful Formal Garden of Roses

my serene rose gardenSit a Spell and Enjoy

My serene rose garden, is a garden that belongs to a reader of this site; Karen, in Northern Michigan

She writes;

I've loved to garden ever since I was a child, and roses have always had a special place in my heart. Growing roses in Northern Michigan can be a challenge, but two simple tricks that have made a big difference for me are to plant the roses deeply (bud union 3-4" below ground level) and to pick hardy roses.

I grow about 180 roses, and especially love the David Austin roses for their fragrance and form.

My Comments;

What a lovely garden, Karen, thanks so much for sharing it with us, its "picture perfect"

The brick walkway makes it even more special!

As you can see from the picture,you can grow these lovely flowers (roses) just about anywhere!

Northern Michigan is a very cold state.... yet Karen grows a beautiful garden of them.
If you want something (or love something) bad enough, you can figure out a way to make it work, as she did.

She only plants roses that she knows are hardy to her cold climate, and she plants them a bit deeper than suggested to help insure their survival.

Do what she does;

  • Choose roses that are hardy to your zone, and
  • Plant them a bit deeper than normal to help make sure of their success!

Reader Comments for My Serene Rose Garden;

by: Sharon

What a peaceful, wonderful garden. I have several of the David Austin roses as well, I especially like The Prince, (wonderful color). Your garden reminds me of an English Garden. I need to work on mine a bit.

Beautiful Garden
by: Joan

Such a beautiful garden, I'd love to sit on that white bench and sip some tea. You sure grow a lot of roses!

I'm Impressed!                                                                                 

by: Pamela

I wish My serene Rose garden looked like that! I should choose better I guess!

My Informal Rose Garden

by Charlotte
(Canby, Oregon)

I love my rose garden! Some favorite roses are my climbing Westerland, Jude the Obscure, Double Delight, Eden, Sharifa Asma, my old-fashioned Harrison's Yellow climbing rose, Graham Thomas, and Sunsprite.

We are fortunate to live on 10 acres of land, and have room for many roses. We have planted some old-fashioned roses along the fence rows, and along a walking path where they have plenty of room to grow.

The only time I don't love my roses is in the spring when it's pruning time, and they fight back. It can be a painful experience!

Most of our roses are non-grafted "own root" roses from Heirloom Roses in St. Paul, Oregon. "Own root" roses are great, because if they die back for any reason, when they revive they are still the same rose that they were originally.

Comments for My Informal Rose Garden

Heirloom Rose company
by: Jennifer Alston

Hi, I get all my roses from Heirloom Roses, I ordered some by chance once, after seeing one of their beautiful catalogs. Up until then, my luck with roses wasn't very good! When I got my order,I was disappointed to say the least. The roses were in these little 3 inch pots. ( I was used to buying them at a local Agway- potted in big tubs) But I planted them any way, Wow! in 2 years, they were huge, and gorgeous! I never buy roses anywhere that are not own-root. (And I mostly buy from Heirloom.)

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