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Guide to Choosing Roses for this Area

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Mountain States Region Plant guides with a Hardiness of zones 5-8

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The mountain states often have bitterly cold winters, harsh spring times, and very hot summers.

Only the most cold hardy roses will survive in this area! Such severe climate conditions actually mean fewer problems with diseases and insects.

Roses for this region should be rated hardy to zone 4.

Tips for growing roses in this region..

knockout rose double pink
  • Grafted roses should be planted with the graft buried at least 2 inches below the soil. The higher the elevation, the deeper to plant the graft.
  • Bare-root roses should be planted by the end of April.
  • Container-grown should by in the ground by June. In the fall, mound soil at least 4 inches around the crown for winter protection. Stop fertilizing mid August.
  • Stop deadheading in early September.

Mountain States Region Plant Guides for Choosing the Best Roses...

Many old garden roses flourish in this area.

Modern or Parkland Series that were developed in Canada, are accustomed to cold and do well also.

Below are some that have proven to be the best for this region.

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Abraham Darby

This David Austin Shrub rose, Is a vigorous, bushy plant.

Med. pink to apricot

Peachy lemon fragrance

Crimson Bouquet


Clusters of Bright bold red.

Grows 3-4 ft.

Slight fragrance

Carefree Delight

Meidland shrub rose

Single blooms are Carmine pink with a white eye.

Vigorous, low growing plant spreads 3-4 ft.


David Austin shrub rose

Vigorous, upright, 4 ft. bushy plant

Apricot color, tinted pink, fades to light pink.Lovely rosette form.

Intense fragrance.

Golden Celebration

David Austin Shrub rose

Medium, bushy 5x4 ft.

Old fashioned, deep, rich golden yellow

Intense Citrus fragrance

Prolific bloomer

One of the best choices in this Mountain states Region plant guides for good choices!

Hot Cocoa


Clusters of ruffled blooms are a rich spicy chocolate color

Grows 4-5 ft.

Modern old rose fragrance

Julia Child


Medium low, well rounded bush. grows to 3 ft.

Butter gold color

Licorice & spice fragrance

Knock Out

Shrub Rose


carefree rose is available in different colors: Red, pink, Blushing, and rainbow

Wonderful repeat blooms

Terrific plant!

Modern Centennial

Hardy Parkland Series Rose

Profuse bloomer. Fully double, deep pink, lightly scented blooms come in clusters.

Hardy through zone 3



Burgundy and white stripes on a vigorous plant.

Unique color and wonderful fragrance.

Height 4 ft.

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