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View more Floribunda Roses. These rose types are easy to grow roses, that give you continual bloom with an abundance of flowers.

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Mardi-Gras Rose

mardi gras rose

More floribunda roses with some outstanding colors!

Fantastic colors, equal to a costume in a Mardi Grass parade!. Bright pink, yellow, and orange hues, blend together in each sparkling petal, that intensify with age. Flowers come in small clusters, in flushes throughout the season.

Plant grows upright to 4ft. tall Foliage is medium, dark green, semi-glossy

slight fragrance

Our Lady of Guadalupe

our lady of guadalupe

All summer, this  Lady will supply your garden with generous clusters of silvery pink, ruffled blooms.

Blessed by the Diocese of Los Angeles, this rose supports Hispanic College Fund scholarships.

The sweet blooms are a soft looking, silver/pink. The ovoid,pointed buds have long 12"-14" stems with dark green foliage  This Floribunda rose has a  light,sweet fragrance. It grows 3 ft - 4 ft

More Floribunda Roses

Passionate Kisses

passionate kisses floribunda rose

A bushy Floribunda that grows to 5 ft.

The medium flowers come in large semi-double clusters

Foliage is medium-size semi glossy

Light fragrance

It is considered to be one of the best in it's class.

Outstanding blooms, are long lasting, and nonfading.

The nicely shaped plant is also disease resistant

Pretty Lady

prety lady rose

A pretty lady indeed! Dark pink buds open to creamy white brushed light pink. The bush is medium, vigorous, and grows upright 3-4 ft.

Foliage is medium dark green, semi-glossy, with many prickles. Fragrance is slight.

The large blooms are attractive in the garden, making a nice display. A good bloomer, throughout the season.

Pumpkin Patch

Carmel orange blooms

Moderate, fruity fragrance

Grows 4-5'

Shiny green leaves are disease resistant

Purple Heart

floribunda rose purple heart

Cupped, deep wine red colored blooms on these Floribunda Roses

The bush grows 3-5 feet.

Big clusters of blooms on a very free flowering plant.

Cool temperatures bring out more intense colors, and largest flowers.

Very fragrant clove/spice fragrance

Hardy zones 5-10

Purple Tiger

Purple and Mauve striped rose

Grows 3-4'

Mild fragrance

zones 6b and warmer

learn more..

Rainbow Sorbet

rainbow sorbet Floribunda rose

Rainbow Sorbet Rose The blooms are deep yellow edged with red, changing to delicate yellow with pink as they age. A real show stopper in the garden. It is vigorous and upright, growing 4-5 ft.

It has a slight fragrance of apple.

Hybridizer Lim 2006

Foliage is medium, dark green, glossy, and disease resistant


This rose is gorgeous! The picture can't capture its true beauty! I viewed this rose at the Elizabeth Rose garden, and decided on the spot it was one I simply Had to have! I will plant one in the Spring.


Scentimental rose

Breathtaking beautiful stripes of burgundy-red swirled with creamy white, on a free-flowering bush.

The blooms are fully-double

Plant grows 3-4 ft.

A very disease resistant plant

Lovely Spicy/Sweet fragrance

Hardy zones 5-10

Scentimental is a lovely addition to your garden.

Sexy Rexy

Clear pink blooms come in huge clusters that cover the plant!

Double bloom form

Slight fragrance

Grows Tall 4-5'

Nearly disease free, and very hardy


shazam rose

Pink and yellow blend

4" flowers


Grows 4 1/2- 5 1/2'

2011 Floribunda of the year!

Hardy zones 4-10

Sheilas Perfume

floribunda rose sheilas perfume

Very unusual colored flowers are bright yellow brushed with deep pink/red edges.

Small clusters of flowers, become larger, with more intense color in cooler climates.

Grows to 4 feet.

A divine fragrance!

The bush is completely covered in glossy, disease resistant foliage. Very hardy bush!

Hardy zones 5-11


simplicity rose

Simplicity Grows upright 4-5 ft.

Blooms are medium pink, semi-double.

small glossy, dark green foliage.

fragrance: none


This is the first rose successfully developed specifically for hedges. It is profuse flowering, with fast repeat. An upright plant that stays well branches clear to the ground. The original Simplicity is this pink one, but other colors are now available.


Orange/Copper, Salmon color

glossy, disease resistant foliage

 Grows around 3' by 3'

Hardy zones 5-10


Sunsprite rose

Sunsprite, with its beautiful bright yellow blooms, is a very hardy Floribunda Rose!

It is very disease resistant as well.

It adds a nice splash of yellow color to my garden. (The perfect blooms remind me of a Hybrid Tea!)

The blooms are fast to repeat, and would make a nice low growing hedge.

Has a lovely licorice scent.

Grows 4-5 feet

Hardy zones 5-11

Sweet Intoxication

Mauve, double blooms

Grows about 4' high

Very strong Clove scent

Learn more and See pictures here...


Orange Juice Orange color!

Rounded, compact, grows 3- 3 1/2'

Moderate, spicy fragrance

Glossy green leaves

Walking on Sunshine

walking on sunshine rose

Bright yellow

Vigorous and disease resistant

Grows 3 1/2' x 4' wide

Sweet, anise fragrance

Hardy zones 5-10

Wedding Party


Grows 2 /1' by 3' wide

medium spice scent

Hardy zones 5-10     Learn more...


A lovely, apricot/orange blend rose with yellow centers.

A unique color with a nice fragrance

Repeat blooms all season

hardy zones 5-10

see picture and learn more about it here; Westerland rose

White Licorice

Pastel Lemon/ white

Strong, sweet licorice fragrance

 Grows 3-4'

Disease resistant

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