Morden Ruby Rose

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The Morden Ruby rose produces lovely pink shrub roses that are quite unique in color. This rose is very vigorous growing, and a very heavy bloomer.

The reddish oval buds open to clusters of very double, pink blend flowers. The color is quite different on these roses. It is not quite light pink, but not really dark pink either. It is rather a blend of dark and light tones and flecks. And then again, sometimes a bloom on a Morden Ruby rose will change to a solid color, or fade as it ages.

These unusual mottled and speckled roses are without a doubt different from all the other Parkland series roses.

Type  Modern Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Henry H. Marshal 1964 (Canada)

Blooms Pink Blend rose with 35-45 petals. They are 3" across.

Foliage Shiny, dark green leaves

Fragrance  Only mild fragrance

Growth Habits  Spreading, upright growth of 3-4' tall by 4' wide

Hardy Zones  Very hardy- zones 2b and warmer

Early blooming is very heavy on these vigorous growing pink shrub roses. It starts the show in late spring. This is a rose with good repeat of blooms.

Although it is a vigorous grower, it can be a bit lanky, so if you desire a fuller bush, (who doesn't) you should prune it hard in early spring before the leaves are fully out.  Remove the longest lanky canes to the ground, and shorten all the remaining canes by half. (Don't worry, it will grow out better than ever!)

Morden Ruby has a generally pretty good disease resistance, but is sometimes troubled by black spot, especially if it is grown  in humid areas.  It is best to take precautions to help to avoid this(no watering from above).

It makes good cut roses for the vase or other floral arrangements. The flowers have strong stems and once cut the rose blooms are very long lasting.

It is unfortunate that this rose is not well known, and is mostly grown in Canada and the colder areas of the United States. With a hardiness rating of zone 2, it is well suited for growing in these colder regions.

This modern shrub rose is a sister to a very prolific rose that I personally grow and love! (Adalaide Hoodless)

If you want a strong visual impact of the Morden Ruby rose, plant it in large groups for a beautiful display. It can be used for; Cut flowers, as a landscape rose, or garden rose.

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