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The Montana rose is a scarlet colored Floribunda rose with unfading red/orange color.

This Floribunda rose, also called 'Royal Occasion', bears cheerful, colorful, cup-shaped scarlet blooms in large clusters of 5-25 blooms. The large size flowers are semi-double, and lightly fragrant.

The Montana rose is repeat blooming all season.

Type  Clustered Flowered Floribunda

Hybridizer  Mathias Tantau Jr. (Germany) 1974

Blooms  Orange/Scarlet Blooms are semi-double,with 20 petals Flowers are almost 3" across

Growth Habit Bushy, upright growth, it grows 4' wide by 2 1/2' wide repeat-blooming

Foliage  Glossy, deep green, leathery foliage

Fragrance  Slight

Hardy Zones  zones 5-10

Long, pointed rose buds open into informally shaped, almost flat, cheerful clusters of bloom in well formed sprays that don't fade.  The clusters can be quite large, sometimes with as many as up to 25 blooms per cluster.

This Floribunda rose plant grows upright, compact, and bushy, growing to 3' tall.

The bush is a healthy grower, and a good repeater. It grows vigorously and adds color where it is needed.

This is a popular rose in public parks (especially in Germany), where colorful roses are on display.

The foliage is thick, large, and dark green, with bronze colored new growth.

The Montana rosebush grows well even in poor soils, and stands up well in the rain.

 It blooms in flushes throughout the season.

This rose was not named after the state of Montana, but after the German Fashion designer Claude Montana.

Parentage; 'Walzertraum x Europeana

Best Uses for Montana...

You'll find this rose to be a most beautiful, and useful rose to grow.

The brightly colored petals make the bush a stand-out in the garden.

  • This is a good bedding rose for the garden
  • It makes a great cutting rose...It's large sprays make instant bouquets with a light, sweet fragrance.
  • It does quite well grown in containers

I have a large fountain in the center of a bed, and I'm considering planting these around it...I think the color, along with the floriferous of this rose would stand out nice against the white fountain.

I like the fact that it doesn't grow to tall, so I can keep it trimmed to the size I want.

Do you grow this rose? I would love to hear your comments on it!

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