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modern fireglow roseModern Fireglow

The Modern Fireglow rose is another rose from the Parkland Series Roses. It was bred in Canada for winter hardiness at the modern Experimental Station.

This lovely rose has a unique color for a winter-hardy rose. It boosts bright fire orange-red blooms with a red reverse.

It is a floriferous shrub rose that blooms in clusters of small double flowers, all season long. This rose is a great choice for northern gardens.

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Henry Marshall 1976

Blooms fiery orange/red with a red reverse. The 3" across flowers have 17-28 petals

Growth Habits vigorous, 2-3'tall, upright,

Foliage medium size foliage, medium green, semi-glossy

Fragrance slight-none

Hardy Zone 3-9

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The pointed buds open to become loosely formed flowers. This beautiful orange/red color is rare in roses that are winter-hardy. The flower has a red underside, making it seem to "glow".

The unique colored flowers are cupped, and double, and appear in small clusters. The flowers are heavy, and sometimes the weight of a cluster will cause the stem to droop.

These roses are excellent as cut flowers, so cut some sprays and bring them inside to enjoy as well.

This vigorous plant grows low, and bushy, and repeats well. It blooms in flushes, throughout the growing season.

The foliage is very full and dense, right to the bottom of the bush. It produces red hips in the Fall. If you live in a colder climate, this one is highly recommended for being one of the best "winter hardy roses"

Note: Some references say it is "disease resistant", while others say it is susceptible to Blackspot.

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Modern Blush, another Parkland series rose

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