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Growing Miniature Roses

miniature rosebushMiniature Rose

A miniature rose bush is a tiny version of a rose bush. Learn about growing miniature roses and caring for them. Plant a miniature rose for a dynamic display of color throughout the season. Learn about mini roses care, and grow your own 'tiny blooms'.

A miniature rose bush can be planted in accent spots, or in drifts of mass plantings. They make excellent border plants, and are especially nice planted around or in front of larger roses.

Most mini roses are generally extremely hardy.

A mini rose bush is the same as any other rose bush, aside from the fact that all parts of the plant (leaves, flowers, canes) are in miniature.

They grow generally 15 to 36 inches tall and bear perfect 1 to 2 inch flowers in small to medium sized clusters.

There are hundreds of varieties of mini roses in all rose colors.

As with the larger rose varieties, they can have single flowers, double flowers, and clusters.

A miniature rose is nice when planted as edging in front of other roses, or along the front of the perennial border.

 Growing Miniature Roses

How to Care for Mini Roses

mini red roses

The miniature roses bush that you see in the Supermarket, or receive as a gift, are not meant to grow indoors. They simply do not do well inside. The best mini roses care you can give this bush if you receive one as a gift, is to plant it outside as soon as possible.
Depending upon the variety, it may or may not survive, especially if you live in a cold climate.

The red mini pictured above were given to me several years ago. They came in a little pot with pink foil on the pot. They were most likely a gift for some special occasion.  I don't know the name (the pot only said 'miniature roses'. I planted them outside, and they return each year and produce flowers all season.


The same rules apply to Planting a miniature rose, planting full size rose bushes .

You should dig a hole MUCH bigger than the pot it came in, and work in organic material if necessary to amend the soil.  Remember, a plant can only do as well as the soil it is growing in. Plant in a sunny spot where it will get at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Be sure to water it well after planting, and keep it watered, during dry spells.


When planting your miniature rose bushes, mix a little super-phosphate, or bone meal in the bottom of the planting hole, but don't add any other Fertilizer until the plant has become established.

The bush needs to establish a nice root system, before taking in fertilizer.

Once established, you will feed (fertilize)as you would any other rose bush.


A Mini, requires minimal Pruning. You should prune to keep the plant in shape, and to remove dead wood.If you notice a can getting longer than the rest, or the whole plant growing bigger than you want,prune it.

You should however, keep the plant deadheaded, to get more blooms.(Deadheading is the removing of spent blooms)

Diseases and Pests

The same diseases and pests will affect your miniature rose bush, as any other rose. Inspecting the plants often, and avoiding problems is the best advice.

Follow this Spray Guide for Roses to avoid potential problems.

                          Garden Organically, as I do!

Classes of  The Miniature Rose Bush


These are the largest of the miniatures. The rose plants are over 24 inches tall -some reaching 3 feet or more, with flowers that can be more than 3 inches across.
They are very good for planting in the back of the Miniature rose bed, or in front of your larger roses.


A Micro-mini is the smallest miniature rose bush. These bushes are under 12 inches tall. They have delicate little flowers that are in perfect form. They make wonderful container plants. They are also nice when used in hanging baskets, and window boxes.

Climbing Miniature Roses

These produce small flowers, but can grow to 6 feet tall. They are beautiful climbers for smaller spaces and smaller gardens.

jeanne lajoy miniature roseMy Jeanne Lajoie Rose

Jeanne Lajoie rose is one such miniature. It will grow over 4 ft.(up to 10')

The pretty pink blooms are spectacular!

One year the local garden club toured my garden, and everyone wanted to know what variety of rose it was!

As you can see from the picture, the roses bloom from the bottom of the plant, all the way to the top.

The flowers were just beginning to open!

You'll Find a List of the Most Popular Climbing Miniatures Here...

Looking for specific  Miniature Rose Bushes? Here you'll find a searchable list of Mini Roses

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