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Information on Specific Miniature Rose Bushes

yellow mini rosesMy Yellow Miniature Roses

Mini roses, sometimes called Patio roses, have petite sized blooms on smaller rose plants.

These plants are small wonders with an ability to fit into small spaces. They are ideal for the gardener with limited space. Even if you only have room for a small garden, you can grow miniature roses.

The blooms and foliage are small on a miniature rose bush, but don’t think (all) the plants sizes are! Some can grow up to 3’ tall, and climbers will grow much taller.

Certain miniature rose plants, or Miniflora roses, can grow in containers, large pots, window boxes, and even hanging baskets. But you have to choose the right one of course!

This list of Miniature rose bushes will help you with all the growing information you might need about a particular rose. It will give you facts about each plant, with color, bloom type, size of the plant, and more…

I don’t have pictures for all of the miniatures I feature here, so if you grow this miniature rose plant, won’t you help this site, and others?

"Share it with us"

By sending us a picture to use on the page? We would all appreciate it, because being able to actually see the rose, helps in the decision to purchase one.

Where to buy these Miniatures?

Rose Collection, Miniature

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List of Mini Roses

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Blend of pink, white, and yellow mini roses

Grows 18-24"   hardy zone 5-10

Adam's Smile

Deep pink infused with yellow on the backs

Glossy leaves Medium height

no fragrance

All a "Twitter"

Brilliant orange

Grows 12-18" high

Dark green leaves

Color holds well in sun (doesn't fade)

Amy Grant Miniature Rose Soft Pink Colored 18-24"

Angela Rippon

Salmon/pink mini roses are rounded, fully double

Light fragrance

Grows 18” by 12” Good for pots, large window boxes, low edging


White flowers with a creamy yellow center

Grows 12" Light green, dense foliage

Creeping miniature good ground cover rose, or hanging basket

Anna Ford

Glowing orange flowers with 18 petals

Cluster-flowered, does well in containers

Dark green glossy foliage

Apricot Summer

Salmon/apricot  free-flowering double blooms

 Neat, compact growth habit

Grows 16” by 16” Great for pots, window boxes. Beds and border edging

Apricot Twist

Soft Yellow mini roses have double blooms

Grows 12-18" Hardy zones 5-9

Arizona Sunset

Pale yellow flowers are flushed with orange/red

Clusters of small, cupped flowers

Grows 16" by 30"

Nice exhibition rose

Autumn Splendor

Red with yellow centers and reverse 2" flowers

Slight fragrance

vigorous, upright, tall, spreading 30-40"


Semi-double blush pink, then pearly white with golden stamens.

Low, creeping, ground cover rose that is compact.

Grows 12” tall, spreads to 36”.


Baby Boomer

Soft Pink mini roses with paler outer petals, double blooms

Grows 2'

hardy zones 5-9

Baby Diana

Orange bi-color with yellow reverse

Double flowers have 20 petals

Bushy plant with moderate fragrance

Baby Grand Miniature Rose Old Fashioned Pink Color 12-16"

Baby Love

Sunny yellow with gold stamens

neat, rounded habit

prolific bloomer, disease resistant

Baby Masquerade

Small, double, rosette shaped yellow, flushed with pink and red.

Nice for containers, low edging.

Grows 16" by 16"

Baby Paradise

Pink/white Blend  White rose with fushia tips (lovely)

Grows 1-2'

hardy zones 6-10


Burnt orange mini roses have double blooms

Grows 12-18"

hardy zones 5-10

Beauty Secret

Semi-double cherry red


grows upright, bushy

medium height

Behold Miniature Rose Bright Yellow 12"

Bees Knees Miniature Rose Yellow/Pink blend 3'

Bit o' Sunshine

Pale yellow, double, rather flat flowers all season

reliably floriferous

grows 12" by 12"

Black Jade

Velvety dark red, hybrid tea form mini roses

Little to no scent

Medium height 18-24"


Lilac/Purple color

One of the smallest miniature roses

Little fragrance

Light green/glossy foliage


Pure white with golden stamens

 low growing, spreading

Constant blooms

 great for border or accent

Boogie Woogie

Red Blend

Hybrid Tea form flowers

Repeat blooming    Learn more..

Boys Brigade

Red petals with white centers and gold stamens

Five petals, blooms in clusters

Bright green foliage

Bridal Sunblaze

Soft, Creamy White

dark green foliage


Long lasting cut flowers

Busy Bee

Pink Blend. Pinks, apricots, swirling corals

Grows 16-24"

hardy zones 5-10

Butter Cream

Creamy butter yellow 2" plus

no fragrance

Upright, tall.24-30"


Caliente Miniature Rose Fire Engine Red 2'

Cal Poly Miniature Rose Very Bright Yellow 10-12"

Carnival Glass

Slightly ruffled, warm yellow/apricot/orange

Bushy, medium height

Great in hanging baskets

Carrot Top


prolific, slight fragrance

grows upright, bushy,16-20"

Center Gold

Deep gold colored blooms


Vigorous, compact growing


Medium to dark red velvety blooms with 35 petals

High centered blooms

No scent

Very good for cutting


Deep rich pink flowers are small, double, cupped

Spreading, ground cover rose also good in large hanging baskets and containers

Blooms summer to fall.2' by 3 1/2'

Childs Play Miniature Rose  Pink Blend 1 1/2-2'

Cinderella Miniature Rose Porcelain white/w pink edging 10-12"

Cinnamon Girl

Orange with a cream reverse

2" blooms, with glossy, dark green foliage.

Light fragrance

Heat tolerant

Hardy zones 4-10

Coffee Bean

Russet colored blooms double, 1 1/2"

Mild sweet fragrance

Canes reach 10-12' long

Colibri '79'

Pink with lighter pink towards the center and gold stamens

Dark green glossy foliage

(2 versions of this rose) The second one has some orange tones in it


Cupped, semi-double apricot/pink flowers with yellow centers.

Vigorous grower, makes nice edging, or container rose.

Grows 18’ by 18”.

Crackling Fire

Coppery Orange petals with deep red/orange backs

No fragrance

Grows to medium height


Fluffy looking Orange with yellow centers and stamens that seem to "glow"

Flowers are 1 1/2"

Slight fragrance

Crimson Gem  Mini Roses

Double, deep rich red flowers

Blooms all summer. Vigorous Grows 18” by 18”

Cupcake Miniature Rose Cotton Candy Pink Color 1-2'

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Dancing Flame Miniature Rose Yellow/Red Blend 2'

Darling Flame Mini Roses

Vibrant orange/red with gold anthers, double bloom form

Free  flowering. Upright growth habit

Grows 16” by 12”  Nice  in containers or for edging


Round, soft rose pink with wavy petals

blooms all season

great for low hedging, beds and containers

Grows 24" by 24"


Ivory yellow with broad red edges

compact growing

disease resistant

Deja Blu

Magenta/rose colored blooms

This mini flora has a moderate to strong sweet scent

Grows 18-36"

Stems are nearly thornless!

Hardy zones 5-11

denvers dream mini rose

Denvers Dream

Semi-double, Orange with golden centers

Grows 2-2 1/2'

hardy zones 4-10

Diamond Eyes

Dark purple blooms with a white eye

Grows 14-18"

Strong Clove andspice fragrance


Yellow petals that darken in the center

One of the best yellow mini roses

Dark glossy foliage


Doris Morgan

Deep pink with a hint of white in the center

slight fragrance

upright, spreading, 2-3' tall

Double Joy

Pink, double flowers with 35 petals

Flowers are 1 1/2" across


Bushy plant with glossy foliage


Dusty pink


Bushy, upright

Grows tall

Dresden Doll

Cupped, fully double flowers are shell pink

old-fashioned looking, scented

Grows 10" by 6" Compact

Drummer Boy

Semi-double, frilled, deep red flowers

 good for containers and low edging

Grows 16" by 18"

Duke Meillandina

Blend of Pink, cream and yellow

Dark green leaves

 Slight fragrance

Long-lasting cut flower



Small, single, star-like rich pink blooms with white centers

creeping, ground cover good for cascading over retaining walls and hanging baskets

Grows 2' by 4'.

Esther's Baby

Pink/white blend has darker pink at petal edges, framing the white centers

Glossy green foliage

Repeat flowering



Light yellow, almost white

High Centered on long stems

Slightly fragrant- heat tolerant

Medium height


Rosette shaped, soft pink flowers come in trusses all season

Low, spreading habit

Ideal for tall containers

Grows 2' by 4'

Fashion Flame

Coral/orange with a touch of lavender on the outer petals 35 petals

Large, coarse foliage

Repeat flowering Fragrant


Crimson/ scarlet double, rounded blooms with gold centers.

Nice in pots. Grows 24”, spreads 20”

Fire Princess

Small, double rosette, vibrant orange

Upright growth habit

Grows 18" by 16"


Orange/yellow blend with 20 petals

Slight fragrance

Dwarf, bushy plant

Dark, glossy foliage


Red/yellow blend. Red blooms have yellow centers.

Grows 1- 1/2'

hardy zones 5-10

Foxy Lady

Salmon/ cream blend has 25 petals

Flowers are 1 1/4" across

Small, neat, dwarf bush


Deep yellow with lighter reverse

Exhibition-style blooms

Small, semi glossy light green foliage



Deep pink flowers with white centers

Tiny flowers! Flowers have 25 petals

Rarely grows more than 8" tall

Repeat flowering



Bright red, clusters of flowers are ruffled

compact plant


Cerise Pink

Grows 15-20"

No fragrance


Light pink with darker pink petal backs age to creamy pink

Hybrid tea form

Slightly fragrant

Medium height

Gingerbread Man

Yellow blooms with copper middles

grows 16-24"

hardy zones 5-10


Scarlet orange with a white eye

slight apple fragrance

Vigorous, medium, bushy, 1 1/2-2'

Gentle Touch

Lightly scented, semi-double, softest pink

dense neat growing habit

Makes excellent low hedging and container roses. Great for cutting

Grows 16" by 16"


Dense clusters of cupped, orange/bronze flowers overlaid with red and pink

 Containers, low hedging, and bedding

Grows 16" by 18"

Good as Gold

Rich yellow (climber)


Grows 6' by 5'

Good Morning America

Bright yellow

Vigorous growing

Excellent for cutting

 ARS Award of Excellence

Golden Angel

Clear yellow with 65 petals


Plant grows short, bushy

Mid-green, semi-glossy foliage

repeat flowering

Gourmet Popcorn

Medium pure white with yellow centers

slight fragrance

Grows upright,bushy 18-24"    Learn more, and see picture..

Green Ice Miniature Rose White/ Soft Green 2-3'

Green Diamond

Soft Chartreuse green with 25 petals

Dark green foliage

Dwarf, upright growing

Repeat flowering

Gypsy Jewel

Deep rose/pink flowers are 2" across

Dark green foliage

grows 2' tall

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Hakuun  Mini Roses

Creamy white, double, rounded flowers with a light fragrance

Good container rose, and for cut flowers

Grows 16” by 18”


Rich mauve flushed with deeper mauve at petal edges

Hybrid tea form, slight fragrance

Bushy to medium height


Bright red petals with a hint of white in the center

strong rose fragrance

Blooms all summer

Holy Toledo

Glowing Apricot orange mini roses with a light reverse

High centered

AARS Award of Excellence

Hot Line Mini Roses

High pointed, semi-double red flowers all season

mossy buds and stems

Grows 18" by 14"

Hot Tamale Rose Orange/Blend 2'

Hula Girl

Salmon Pink with a touch of yellow at the base

Glossy, quilted foliage


 Repeat flowering


Iced Raspberry

Fushia double blooms

Grows 16-24'

hardy zones 5-10


Mauve blend mini roses with a yellow reverse

slight fragrance

 Grows upright, tall, bushy 30-34"

Indian Sunblaze

Rounded, fully double, deep pink roses repeat all season

Excellent for containers, low edging, borders

Grows 18” spreads 18”

innocence miniature rose


White blooms

slight fragrance

 grows 2 1/2 by 2 1/2'

very hardy and disease resistant


Satiny ivory white tipped with slight pink and centered with blush pink

Profuse bloom Long-stemmed

Grows tall

Irish Heartbreaker

Chinese red 2" full blooms

Climber/ grows to 5'



Bi-color Pink/cream

Cluster flowered

Olive-green foliage

Repeat flowering

Jean Kenneally

Pink colored mini roses

Grows 2'

hardy zones 5-10

Jeanne Lajoie Rose Pretty Pink 6-10'


Light pink with white reverse

very fragrant

Tall growing

jilly jewel mini roses

Jilly Jewel

Pink with gold stamens

slight fragrance

Vigorous, spreading,24-30"

Julie Anne

Vermillion Orange flowers on dark green foliage

healthy growing

ARS Award of Excellence

June Laver

Amber/gold colored buds and flowers

Bushy, compact growth

June Time

Rose pink Pom Poms

No fragrance

Small, compact bush

Repeat flowering


Katharina Zeimet

Small, double, cupped, white fragrant flowers

Ideal for containers

Grows 20" by 20"

Ko's Yellow

Buff yellow classically formed blooms

Bright green glossy foliage

Bushy plant

Repeat flowering

Kristin Miniature Rose Red/White Blend 24-30"


Lady Penelope

Rounded, fully double salmon pink flowers.

Upright climber that has flowers right down to its base.

Grows 7’ by 4”.

Laura Ashley

Small, single, slightly cupped, magenta to lilac-pink

ground cover rose with profuse flowering all season

Sweet fragrance

dense, free-flowering

Grows 24" to 4'

Laura Ford Mini Roses

Small, scented, semi-double yellow with a hint of pink as they age, open flat to reveal gold stamens

(Mini climber) grows 7’ with a spread of 4’.  Upright growth, flowers continually all season.

Lavender Jewel Rose Lavender 12-18"

Lavender Lace

Soft lavender

intense fragrance

Medium, vigorous, bushy, 4-6'

Lemon Delight

Small, yellow blooms

Mid green, glossy foliage

slight fragrance

Upright growing

Lemon Gems

Deep yellow, cupped

Large 2 1/2" blooms

Slight fragrance

Medium height

Little Artist

Red Petals with white eyes and reverse. The blooms turn completely red with age

fragrant  mini roses

Vigorous, spreading, bushy 12-16"

Little Bo-Peep

Small, semi-double, rather flat pale pink flowers

 dense, low spreading

Grows 12" by 20"

Little Flirt

Small, double, Brilliant pink with a paler pink petal reverse

Ideal for containers

(Fades easily)

Grows 16" by 10"

Little Jackie

Sherbert orange with yellow petal backs


medium height

Little Sizzler

Bright Red miniature roses

Disease resistant

Loving Touch

Apricot, double bloom form

Light fragrance

grows tall, spreading

Luis Desamero

Pastel yellow

slight fragrance

Grows tall, upright, bushy 3-4'


Magic Carrousel

White mini rose edged in fushia pink

Grows 16-22"

Hardy zones 5-10

Mary Marshall

Deep pink with a touch of coral

Dark, semi-glossy foliage

Long lasting blooms

Repeat flowering

Maurine Neuberger

Bright crimson red flowers have long cutting stems

Tall growing, vigorous


Dark red with lighter reverse and a white eye

slight fragrance

grows vigorous, upright, 2- 2 1/2'

Mini Lights

small yellow single blooms in clusters

slight fragrance good disease resistance

 spreading, medium height

Mini Metro

Rounded, fully double, apricot/orange that reveal golden stamens when open.

Flowers all summer

Grows 16’ by 10”

Mini Pearl

Soft ivory infused coral/pink swirl darken as they open.

Non to mild fragrance

medium height

Miss Flippins

Bright red, hybrid tea form

tolerates heat, great for cutting

no fragrance

susceptible to mildew

grows tall


Deep red

Grows 18-22"

Hardy zones 5-10

Mothers Love

Pastel pink blending to soft yellow at the base

slight, fruity

grows upright, medium, bushy 24-30"

 Mr. Bluebird

Semi-double, cupped, burgundy flowers with a white eye

Bushy, Compact growth habit Grows 12” by 10”

My Sunshine

Medium yellow with bright yellow stamens

moderate fragrance

Upright, medium bushy 14-20"

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Neon Cowboy

Scarlet red with a yellow eye

slight fragrance

vigorous, rounded, compact, bushy 12-16"

(colors are striking!)

New Beginning

Bright Orange/red and yellow blend

very disease resistant

AARS 1989

Nice Day

Small, double, warm peachy pink with  a light, sweet scent.

(Climber) Grows 7” by 3’


Red and white blend

slight fragrance

vigorous, upright, bushy, 24-30"


Crimson red, high centered blooms are long lasting

Upright growing


Climbing Miniature

Blush white flowers look like apple blossoms

No fragrance



Old Glory

Red, perfect hybrid tea form blooms

2 1/2" flowers (lots of them)

Vigorous grower

disease resistant

medium height

Orange Honey

Orange/Gold Blooms

Likes to grow in light shade

Dwarf, spreading bush

Matt green

Fruity fragrance

Orange Sunblaze

Small, cupped, semi-double vivid orange/red with golden centers.

Profuse bloomer

Grows 12” by 12”

Over the Rainbow

Red with a yellow reverse

slight fragrance

Vigorous, upright, bushy 18-24"



Pure white blooms on dark green foliage


ARS Award of Excellence

Party Girl

High centered flowers are apricot yellow flushed with salmon pink

Bushy and fragrant

Grows 14" by 14"

Peek A Boo

Rounded, double flowers are peachy/apricot that slowly fade to pink.

Neat, cushion-forming rose with a slight spreading habit

Good for containers and urns, and cut flowers

Grows 18” by 18”

Petite Perfection

Classy red hybrid tea style are flushed with deep yellow at petal bases and on backs

Slight fragrance

medium height


Elegant pink blooms have apricot hues in cooler weather

long lasting in bouquets

mild to no fragrance

orange-red hips in fall

medium height

Pink Bells

Small, double, bright pink, pompon blooms

Blooms Only once in mid summer

Dense spreading, ground cover rose  good for banks, or cascading over walls

Grows 30" by 5'

Pretty Polly

Rounded, fully double clear pink, lightly scented mini roses

Dense, rounded bush that looks nice in terracotta pots and window boxes.

Grows 16” by 18”


Vivid bright orange with yellow shading on petal backs

Fruity fragrance

Vigorous disease resistant

grows tall


Queen Mother

Cupped, semi-double, delicate, soft, wavy, clear pink flowers

Flowers profusely summer through fall.

Ideal for hanging baskets and large window boxes.

Grows 16” by 24”


Rainbows End Miniature Rose Yellow/Red blend 6-10'

Ralph Moore Miniature Rose Vibrant Red 16-20"

Red Ace

The most beautiful red, rounded, semi-double, blooming all season

Neat, leafy habit

 Nice for border, dramatic in massed planting, nice for containers.

Grows 12” by 12”

Red Cascade Rose Red 6-18"

Rise N Shine

 Small, fully double, yellow flowers all season

 Compact growth habit

Use in containers, low edging,formal beds and borders.

Grows 16” by 10”

Robin Red Breast

Dark red single with a white eye

no fragrance

Spreading medium height

Roller Coaster

Red and white striped with gold centers

slight fragrance

Medium, vigorous, upright 1-2'

Ruby Pendant


slight fragrance

Grows tall, vigorous, upright 4-5'

Ruby Ruby

Cherry red

slight fragrance

Vigorous, upright, rounded bush is a prolific bloomer

grows 12-18"



Lavender with yellow stamens

Intense damask fragrance

vigorous, upright, bushy

grows 16-20"

Santa Claus

Velvety dark red

slight fragrance

vigorous, upright, bushy


Scarlet Moss

Bright scarlet red with mossy sepals

Semi-double blooms in small sprays

Grows tall


Mauve/pink with creamy pink petal backs and gold stamens

Strong perfume fragrance

Tall growing

Snow Bride

Cream white hybrid tea form buds open to pure white

Long stems, light fragrance

medium height

Space Odyssey

Red with a white eye

slight fragrance

medium, vigorous, compact 1 1/2-2'


Red/orange flowers have very pointed buds

Very easy to grow, has high ratings!

Sun Hit

Sunny, golden yellow fully double flowers

Compact, upright growing

Grows 18” by 18”


Very bright Yellow 1/2" blooms

Glossy green foliage

 disease resistant

Sun Sprinkles

Deep yellow high centered large size blooms

light spicy fragrance

disease resistant

medium to tall


Double, pure white flowers

Bushy, spreading ground cover rose

Nice in containers or formal garden

Grows 3’, spreads to 5’

Sweet Chariot

Deep Purple age to lavender

Cascading sprays are disease resistant

 good for hanging containers  Very nice!

Sweet Diana

Daffodil Yellow

no fragrance

Vigorous, upright, bushy 14-18"

Sweet Magic

Scented, double, soft apricot orange and yellow

Flowers freely all season

Grows 16” by 16”

Sweet Dream

Fully double, warm apricot pink lightly scented

Elegant in containers, or for edging

 Neat, upright growing; grows 16”  by 14”

Sweet Sunblaze

Clear Pink

slight spice fragrance

grows 18" wide by 1-2' high



Sunny yellow, hybrid tea form

slight fragrance

Tall upright growing

Tiddly Winks

Yellow blend with yellow centers and orange/pink edging

no fragrance

short, bushy, compact  1 1/2" tall

Tiffany Lynn

Light to medium pink blending to white in the center

slight fragrance

vigorous, upright,bushy, 36-42"


Valentines Day

Deep velvety red

slight fragrance

vigorous, upright, bushy 4-10'


Small, double, purple, tinged green rounded flowers are really leaves not true petals

Unique and different!

Compact bush flowers freely all season

30" by 24"


Warm Welcome

Orange/vermillion petals with yellow backs


Climber to 7'


Creamy white splashed with hot pink

Disease resistant

rounded bushy good for containers

grows 18-24"

Wiltshire Mini Rose

Lightly scented, rounded, double reddish/pink flowers

Blooms all season

Spreading ground cover rose excellent for banks and planters.

Grows 2’ by 4’


Tones of lilac, purple and magenta

slight fragrance

grows tall


X Rated Miniature Rose White/Pink blend 18"-3'


Buttery yellow tea style

slight fragrance

glossy leaves

medium height

Yellow Sunblaze

Bright yellow

vigorous, cold hardy

grows 12-18"

You're the One

Pink with a creamy white reverse.

Grows 1 1/2 to2'.

Mild apple fragrance.

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John, from VA writes: I wanted to comment on my miniature rose called "Cal Poly", it is a cheerful yellow miniature, that does well, even if I neglect it. My Grand-daughter likes picking the roses for bouquets.
(Sorry, I'm not much for taking pictures, so I can't send any in)

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