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mermaid climbing roseMermaid

The Mermaid Rose is a delicate looking, yellow climbing rose with dark gold stamens. This old garden rose was hybridized by Paul in 1918.

The creamy yellow flowers become a darker yellow at the base. The huge blooms on this climber have single petals 5-6inch across with (5 petals).

It is one of the most delicately attractive of all roses.

This is a wonderful old climbing yellow rose that grows upright. It is a tall growing plant can grow 10-16 feet, depending on your climate.

The dark green, glossy foliage is a perfect complement to the blooms. The plant has large, reddish, numerous hooked prickles.

Type Hybrid Bracteata

Hybridizer William Paul and sons (United Kingdom)1918

Blooms Cream yellow color with dark yellow stamens 5-6" single flowers have 5 petals

Growth Habits Grows tall, climbing 15-25', or much taller in warmer climates. It can get up to 20' wide.

Foliage medium size, dark green color, glossy, with lots of large, hooked prickles (thorns)

Fragrance moderate

Awards Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal 1917, Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy Zone zones 7-10

More about this Rose Plant...

This rose is very disease resistant, and is also extremely vigorous. It produces many wonderful abundant repeat blooms.

The flowering begins later than most roses, but continues well into the Fall.

Pruning is not needed, but it can be cut back if it gets out of control.

Be careful where you plant it! It should not be planted near paths, because of those vicious thorns! It will easily grow up into trees, and cover unsightly sheds/buildings.

It does well on a north facing wall or in a partly shaded area. The fragrance is a moderate honey scent.

I simply love this rose...but it is not hardy in my climate zone, so I won't attempt to grow it!

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