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Melody Parfumee roseMelody Parfumee

The Melody Parfumee rose could be the most fragrant rose you will plant in your garden!

The silvery lavender/mauve colored blooms have an even lighter reverse.

You'll sometimes see these Grandiflora roses classified as a 'Purple Blend'. I consider it more a silver/purple/mauve. You might also see them classified as a Floribunda; whatever you call them, all will agree; they are very beautiful with an intense fragrance.

The stunning blooms have a rich, antique rose scent that makes you want to keep smelling them. (Wouldn't you know it, the Melody Parfumee rose was hybridized by a Frenchman!)

The dark colored buds open to flowers that measure 4-5" across, and come on long cutting stems, more than a foot long.(This is perfect, because if you grow this rose, you will surely be cutting lots of blooms for the vase!)

You'll get lots of opportunities to gather some of these light purple roses, because they bloom in large clusters throughout the season.

You might also see this rose listed with a different spelling "Melodie Parfumee".

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More about the Melody Parfumee Rose..

Type Grandiflora, also sometimes classified as a Floribunda

Hybridizer Francois Dorieux II (France) 1992

Blooms  Silvery Lavender high centered with 25-30 petals Flowers are 4-5" across

Foliage Glossy, dark green foliage

Fragrance Heavenly! Old Rose

Growth Habits Upright, bushy plant grows 5' high by 4' wide.

Awards GM Baden-Baden, Bagatelle, FA Baden-Baden

Hardy zones zones 5-10

This is one vigorous growing rosebush, growing medium tall and bushy.

The blooms come in flushes all season, and repeats blooms fast.

The attractive, glossy, dark green foliage is both mildew and rust resistant.

If you like Fragrant roses, and or Purple roses, this one is a must for your garden (as long as you live in the right climate to grow it).

Not only are the cut flowers both stunning and intensely fragrant, but the rosebush itself, makes a fantastic display in the garden. The medium lavender/purple blooms come in large, loose sprays, against dark green foliage.


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