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Rose Symbolism for Purple Colored Rose

meaning of purple roses

If you know the meanings of purple roses, you know that, if you were to fall "head over heels" in love with someone, or declare "love at first sight", you would be on track if you were to send that person a bouquet of purple roses.

Primarily, the rose symbolism for purple roses; It stands for enchantment. An almost magical effect that someone has on you. You are in fact "spellbound" with their deep magnetic charm and attraction.

Purple Roses actually have a complex meaning;

The meanings of purple roses also signify opulence, glory, and majesty. The color purple is associated with elegance and grandeur.

Kings wore purple colored robes, to signify their state of grandeur.

For hundreds of years, roses have been used to convey messages without words. Do you know The Meaning of Rose Colors?

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The symbolism of the purple rose is tied to enchantment, desire and proceeding cautiously.

More Meanings of Purple Roses

Love at First Sight ~ Enchantment ~ Majesty ~ Opulence  ~ Glory

Although purple roses mean enchantment, it does not mean permanence. Thus...your love can be fleeting and end without warning.


The color Lavender  (a shade of purple) signifies a need to proceed cautiously and slowly.

 ~Anything worth while is "worth the wait" ~

 ~Rome wasn't built in a day ~

  ~This is your life, One Day at a time ~

During Lent, the Priests wear lavender- a time of discretion.

Purple roses have different levels, and interpretations of  its meanings. Different shades of purple also have different meanings.....

Lighter shades of purple roses mean;Love at first light, enchantment with someone, someone cannot resist the object of their desire, total enthrallment

Darker shades of Purple roses mean; Deeper, Long term romance and True love. They are often seen at wedding anniversary parties when the couple has reached the 25th year, or more.

If you're trying to decide which shade of purple rose to choose, knowing  "The language of flowers", also called (Floriography), you will know which color suits your situation. This allows you to add an aura of wonder and enchantment, or a romantic dimension to your rose bouquet gift.

Although the meaning of Purple Roses is Enchantment, it is no indication of permanence of the attraction! It only means that a deep impression was created.

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