Meaning of Flower Colors

Flower Color Meanings

meaning of flower colors

Knowing the meaning of flower colors, can help you choose special flowers, with relevant meanings.

As far back as Victorian times, people were sending "secret" messages through certain flowers;

Without "speaking" you could say what you wanted through the flowers. (unspoken messages) Not only the Symbolic meanings of flowers but the meaning of the flower colors were important also.

Each color has a special meaning, and each color means something different.

Today, more and more people are learning this symbolism. Do you know what each flower color means? Scroll down for some answers, and the next time you consider sending a bouquet to someone, you might think twice about which colors you should choose...and which flowers are important to add to the bouquet!

Flower Color Meanings

Blue The color Blue means: Peace, A Cooling effect, to reduce stress. An Inspirational Boost. Calm, Relaxing

Purple The color Purple means: Dignity, Accomplishment, The color of Royalty, Ceremony, Pride and Success

White The color White means: Innocence and Purity, Sincere feelings

Pink The color Pink stands for: Happiness, It is the color of love, and gentleness.

(The shade of pink matters;)

* Light pink: Gentleness and Grace

* Dark Pink: Appreciation and Gratitude

Green The color Green stands for: Good Health, Strength, Good Fortune

Orange The color Orange stands for: Enthusiasm, Passion for life, Confidence

Lavender The color Lavender stands for: Femininity, Refinement, Grace and Delicate Beauty

Peach The color Peach stands for: Gentleness, Gratitude and Friendship

Yellow The color Yellow stands for: Happiness, Joy, Success, Pride, Friendship


The color Red stands for: Passion, Love, Desire, Courage, and Respect

The meaning of flower colors can be especially helpful to someone who has trouble "saying" how they really feel. This could be a nice way of conveying those feelings without "speaking a word"

But when you "know" the meaning of flower colors, it makes it all the more special. Especially if you are picking flowers for a special bouquet, like a wedding bouquet for example... You and your intended may be the only one to know what all those special flowers mean... but that makes it all the more special!

This Victorian book on "Flower Meanings" may be helpful to you! After you read it, pass it along to a friend, so that more people will come to know what all the color meanings are.

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Now that you know the meaning of flower colors; Learn the Symbolic meaning of Flowers

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