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Rose Color Significance

meaning of rose colors

Are you searching for the Meaning of Rose Colors ?

Did you know that the colors convey an unspoken message of affection?

Each color actually means something different.

Choosing roses becomes more than just picking the colors that you like, when you know what each color represents.

Scroll down, and learn the rose color significance, or symbolism of each of the colors.

The next time you wish to send someone flowers, you can consider the meaning of rose colors before you choose your bouquet. Regardless of their color,the flowers will likely be appreciated by the recipient, but wouldn't it be nice to know what those rose colors signify?

This Meaning of Rose colors chart,will help you in knowing which color to send so that you can express your own Heartfelt Sentiment.

You can say it all, when you send someone Roses ~Especially if you know the meaning of rose colors! ~

A relationship is like a rose,

How long it lasts, no one knows.

Love can erase an awful past,

Love can be yours, you'll see at last.

To feel that love, it makes you sigh,

To have it leave, you'd rather die.

You hope you've found that special rose,

'Cause you love and care for the one you chose.

Cella, Rob This lovely poem by Rob Cella sums it up pretty good

Meaning of Different Color Roses

Red Rose

Meaning of Red roses ~ Love or I Love You, Affection, Romantic & Abiding Love, True Love, Desire, Courage & Passion, Congratulations, Job Well Done, Respect & Appreciation, Honest Beauty,

Symbolizes LOVE The ultimate symbol of Love and passion. Universally called "The Lovers Rose" Time-honored way to say "I Love You" 

Dark Red Roses

Meaning of Dark Red roses ~ Deep Passion, Readiness for Commitment,Dying Love

White Roses

Meaning of White roses ~ Purity & Innocence, Everlasting Love,Reverence & Humility, Heavenly & Honor, Marriages and New Beginnings, I am worthy of you, Beauty & Youthfulness, Remembrance

Represents-  Young love, Sympathy, Spirituality Associated with marriage -Most often used in bridal bouquets. Represents marriage and new beginnings.

White rose arrangements are often used as an expression of remembrance.

more about White Rose meaning

Pink Roses

Meaning of Pink Roses ~ Grace and Elegance, Sweetness, Beauty and refinement

Lighter shades for Grace and Gentleness, Admiration and Happiness 

If you know roses and their meaning, you know that the shade of pink you choose matters.

Dark Pink Roses

Meaning of Dark Pink roses ~ Appreciation & Recognition, Thank You, Gratitude, Admiration

Light Pink Roses

Meaning of Light Pink roses ~ Gentleness, Joy & Grace, Admiration, Sympathy, Harmony & Warmth

Purple Roses

Meanings of Purple roses ~ Enchantment & Magnetism, Opulence & Majesty

Lavender/ Light Purple

Meaning of Lavender rose ~ Love or Enchantment at first sight, Regal majesty and splendor, Wonder & Impossible to obtain

Blue Rose

Meaning of Blue rose ~ Mystery & Ambiguity, The impossible or The unattainable, Mysterious beginnings of new things


Meaning of yellow rose ~ Friendship, Unbridled joy, Promise of a new beginning, Gladness, Delight, Warmth, Good Luck, Welcome Back, Remember Me

Black Rose

Meaning of Black rose ~ Farewell & Sorrow, Loss & Mortality, Death of old habits, Beginning of new things, Courage & Resistance

Orange Rose

Meaning of an Orange rose ~ Desire and Enthusiasm

Peach Rose

Meaning of a Peach colored Rose ~ Modesty, Shyness Also means something has gone well.

Do you know The Rose Color Significance?
Some Interesting Rose Symbolism

Meanings of Rose Colors in Combinations

Red and White~Rose Symbolism means Friendship that is moving fast!

Pink and Yellow ~Emotions of Love, Friendship, Happy to be together

Red and Yellow ~Celebration !

Rosebuds  ~symbolize Youth and Innocent Love.

White Rosebuds ~ mean - To Young to Love.

The Meaning of Roses are affected by the NUMBER you send.

a Single Rose -Symbolizes Simplicity

One single Red Rose means "I Love You"

Once you know the meaning of different color roses, you will choose flowers for the bouquet that have the most relevant meaning for your situation.

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Why rose colors vary in each garden A rose is a rose

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