Floralia Festival

Mayday, is a special day ~celebrated for Flora the Goddess of flowers ~ It symbolizes Spring. Spring is a very special time... it is the renewal of the cycle of life.

mayday basketMayday Basket

May 1st marks the end of the cold winter half of the year in the Northern hemisphere. It is a time of celebration for the coming of the warmer months of the year.

This Pagen holiday celebration first appeared in pre-Christian times. It began with the ancient Roman festival of Flora. She was the Roman Goddess of Flowers.

The festival "Floralia" symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life. It was celebrated from April 27th - May 3rd.

The Mayday Tradition

This is how the tradition goes:

A person would anonymously leave a small basket filled with sweets and flowers on the doorsteps of their neighbors house.

The person leaving the basket would place the basket, knock, or ring the bell, and then run away.

The receiver of the basket would try to catch the fleeing person.

The reward for being caught was a kiss!

Revive this sweet old tradition, Leave a May Basket for someone Special!

This is a great old tradition! Its fun to do for young and old alike. It is especially fun for kids.

It can be a great project for children. Get them involved in both "making the baskets", and picking/and or filling baskets with flowers, (and a few sweet treats).

"Baskets", don't have to be real baskets, but can be paper made "cone" baskets, that can either lie flat on the door step, or hang on the door if a hook is available.

Simple baskets like this can be made from colored paper, or pretty paper doilies, rolled into a cone shape, and stapled or glued shut, ribbon or stickers added, and maybe a ribbon for a hanger.

Any flowers that are blooming at this time of year (Johnny jump ups, pansies, phlox, forsythia blooms, daffodils, scillia, etc., etc.) can be used in the basket. Your climate zone determines which flowers you have available.....

Wrapped candy such as candy kisses, or chocolates, even homemade candy or small cookies, can be added.

Those of us who Love to garden..... we will rejoice in the arrival of "Mayday",(or) "Floralia", because the coming of Spring is a rebirth of flowers and plants for another season.

Each year brings us new gardening challenges, as well as pleasures.

We celebrate this special time of year!

Make a Maybasket and leave it on the doorstep of a neighbor...Ring the bell...And Run....

remember mayday

Mayday always brings back fond memories for me, because when my girls were little, their Grandmother would always leave them May-baskets on the door step each year.

They were filled with simple flowers, and homemade cookies, and candy. They eagerly waited for this day each year! After knocking, Grandma never ran fast enough to avoid being caught.....she was always rewarded with her share of kisses!

As the girls grew a bit older, they would make their own May-basket for Grandma, sometimes using flowers such as Dandelions and forsythia blooms, as well as some red clover blossoms, (any flower they could find). Grandma never cared, it was the thought behind it!

***** Simple Pleasures are Life's Treasures *****

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