Mardi Gras Rose

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mardi gras roseMardi Gras

The Mardi Gras Rose is a very colorful blend of orange, pink and yellow, on a vigorous growing bush.

Ovoid, pointed buds of apricot orange, slowly open to bright pink and yellow blend blooms with a yellow base.

These are cluster-flowered roses that bloom their hearts out! This rose was introduced in 2008, and in the same year won top honors by the All American Rose Selection judges. They liked its unique colors, with incredible bloom production.

Hybridizer Zary 2007

Blooms soft apricot/ pink blend with yellow centers Flowers are double, 3-4” across, with 17-25 petals

Growth Habits Upright, medium size, the bush can reach 4’

Foliage medium size, dark green, semi-glossy foliage

Fragrance Slight/ peppery, sweet

Hardy Zone  zones 5-9

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mardi gras rose bushColorful Mardi Gras Blooms

As colorful as a costume in a Mardi Gras, these roses will steal the show! The color of the petals deepen with age, and grow on a very disease resistant bush.

The double flowers open flat, and have a slight fragrance. The bush is upright growing, in a columnar effect. The flowers are borne in clusters on 16-20" stems (perfect for cutting). They are long lasting both in the garden, and in the vase.

What a fantastic color combination on these roses! Pink/orange/yellow blend, with the same reverse.

These Floribunda roses have gotten great reviews from those who have grown it. They can't say enough about the colorful flowers, the hardiness of the bush, (even under adverse conditions), and the magnitude of the blooms produced! I've heard only (good things) about this rose.

This rose will add lots of color in the garden, in mixed borders, and are wonderful used for hedges.

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