Madame Issac Pereire Rose

Old Bourbon Rose

madme issac pierre rose

The Madame Issac Pereire rose is an old time Bourbon rose with very fragrant and beautiful blooms that are a rose/pink color.

This is a tall growing, very floriferous rose that is perfect for growing on fences, pergolas, or other structures where you want a climbing rose.

The color of the double blooms is a deep rose, fading to purple. (A real beauty)

The fragrance is moderate to intense, with some gardeners believing it to be the most fragrant rose ever produced. The fragrance is an intense raspberry aroma.

Type Bourbon

Hybridizer  Garcon (France)1881

Blooms Deep rose/pink Flowers are 4" across with 50 or more petals

Foliage Medium size, medium green color, matte

Growth Habits  Vigorous growing, reaching up to 8'.

Fragrance Moderate to very intense

Hardy zone 5-10

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madame issac pereire rose bushMadame Issac Pereire

The huge, shapely flowers are extremely double, and often quartered. The flowers are well formed upon opening, but later become blowsy. In the cooler weather of Fall, the flowers develop a purple tint that adds to its charm. The outer petals reflex back, revealing yellow stamens when fully open.

The blooms on this late 19th century shrub rose are inconsistent. They are sometimes cupped, and sometimes quartered, depending on your climate.

The flowers begin as short, stubby buds, and are borne singly, or mostly come in clusters of up to 5.

The plant itself can appear scraggly and thorny, and is a good rose to plant among other flowers of white, blue, purple, or silver.

This is a good rose for pegging, or training on a pillar, forcing it to produce more laterals, thus more blooms. Often flowers only appear at the tips, so tieing them down forces them to flower all along the length of the cane next year.

The canes are long, and covered with small prickles (thorns). The bushy plants can grow to 8', and need support, or pegging.

This rose isn't fussy about soil, and will grow even in poor soil, and also in a bit of shade.  It has good disease resistance, but....(it could have a problem with mildew, and blackspot is quite common)

I've grown this rose for a few years, but not until last year, did mine begin to really 'get noticed'. I think it takes a few years to get going!

Update; This rose was beautiful this year! It's now about 4' tall, and producing beautiful blooms. See the photo at the top of the page!

Madame Issac Pereire rose was named for a member of an influential banking family during the time of Napoleon III.

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