Madame Hardy Rose

White Damask Roses

The Madame Hardy Rose, is considered the most beautiful, and desirable of all the Damask roses.

It remains one of the most popular of the Old Garden Roses.

It is a once-blooming variety that produces an abundance of classic, old fashioned blooms quite freely.

The large flowers are pure white with a central green pip. You'll see just a hint of pink in the bud stage, but once open, the flat flower is the purest of whites.

The very outer petals reflex slightly, and surround an almost perfect circle of petals that are short, ruffled and quartered. They surround a green eye.

You'll occasionally get a single flower, but more often they come in clusters of 3-5. The lovely flowers are sometimes damaged by the rain.

Type Damask

Hybridizer Alexandre Hardy 1832

Blooms Large, Pure White with a green center. Flowers are 3-4 inches across with more than 60 petals (Once-blooming)

Foliage Small size, light green, coarsely dentated

Fragrance Intense, sweet

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, grows upright 6' by 4' (or) up to 10' as a climber

Hardy Zones zone 5

More about the Madame Hardy Rose..

You'll find very distinctive leafy sepals on Madame Hardy, with lots of healthy green leaves,and moderate prickles (thorns). The feathery sepals are pine-scented.

It is generally a vigorous and healthy growing rose bush, with the exception of perhaps Black Spot. It seems to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions.

It has an exquisite form (classic old garden) to the flowers, with a delicious light fragrance. The flowers begin cupped, then open flat to reveal a wonderful array of tiny petals, surrounding the button eye.

The freely produced flowers appear in early summer, and continue for about three weeks.

The bush itself grows tall, dense, and prickly, with dark brown wood, and lots of soft, light green leaves.

You can grow it as a relaxed shrub rose that will grow around 5' high and wide, or train it as a climber, where it can grow up to 10', where it will become a very beautiful pillar rose.

This rose is considered very easy to grow, and an old-time favorite. It is most certainly a classic for every old-garden rose enthusiast.

This white Damask rose was named after the hybridizer Alexandre Hardys wife "Felicite".

Note; When a breeder chooses a rose to name after his wife, it is most likely a very good rose!

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