Madame Alfred Carriere Rose

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The Madame Alfred Carriere Rose, is a healthy growing, rambling, old garden rose that continually produces white colored roses.

The large, globular blooms have an intensely sweet fragrance. 

The bloom color is pale/pinkish white, with a hint of yellow just below the base of the curly petals. They begin lightly cupped, then show ruffled petals once fully open.

The long, flexible canes on this climber make it an easy rose to train on a wall, fence, pergola, or any type of structure you want a climbing rose.

This Noisette rose is very popular around the world. In mild climates it will flower for 12 months of the year, and in other climates, you'll find it one of the earliest roses to come in to flower.

It has long, elegant buds that are a delicate pink color as they open.  The flowers on the Madame Alfred Carriere Rose begin as the palest pink color, and quickly turn to a brilliant white color, especially in cooler weather. It remains attractive over a long period, because the beautiful rose flowers remain on the bush for a long time.

Type: Noisette Rose

Hybridizer  Joseph Schwartz 1879

Blooms pale pinkish/white globe shaped flowers are 3 1/2" across with 40 plus petals

Foliage  Light, pale green with well serrated edges

Growth Habit   Tall, vigorous, upright 10-16' tall by 7-9' wide

Fragrance  Intense, sweet tea fragrance

Awards   National Rose Society -best white climber 1908

Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy zones  4-10

More about Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere rose

This lovely white climbing rose is also somewhat shade tolerant.

It produces a continuous display of blooms all season. It is well known for being a healthy growing rose that grows quite vigorous. It bears roses over a long period of time.

These roses make excellent cut flowers, and are borne in loose clusters of 3-9 flowers on long, straight stems.

The foliage is large, pale green, and droopy. The bush has lots of slender, upright stems and few thorns. (prickles)

In cooler climates, you'll sometimes see it grown against a dark wall, and hotter climates favor more shady areas where it lights up a shady spot.

This old garden rose is easily propagated from cuttings.

The National Rose Society of England voted it the best white climber in 1908, giving it 62 out of 83 possible votes.

It was named after an amateur rosarian in Dauphine.

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