Louise Odier Rose

Bourbon Roses

Louise Odier rose, is a sweet scented, old Bourbon rose, with lovely warm pink flowers, suffused with Lilac.

The blooms are so perfectly formed; they have been compared to Camellia flowers. These charming Bourbon roses, are both vigorous growing, and fragrant roses. It produces flowers almost non-stop all season.

 Louise Odier, is a reliable, repeat blooming rose that has been popular for a very long time. It is considered one of the most floriferous of the Old Garden roses.

Round buds become large, very double, pink blooms.

The flowers are pale pink at the edges, with deeper pink centers. The petals open lightly cupped like Centiflora’s, and later the petals reflex back like China roses. Eventually, as the flowers flatten out, the petals are shed cleanly.

The flowers are borne singly, or in tight clusters of up to five, on a tall, arching bush covered with soft, olive green leaves and Maroon prickles. It could be used as a climber if left un-pruned; however, it makes a more impressive garden plant.

Type Bourbon Rose

Hybridizer M. Margottin 1851(France)

Growth Habits Arching canes that grows from 6-9 ft.

Blooms Large, very double, warm pink flowers

Foliage Pale to mid green foliage, with thick prickly stems

Fragrance Rich, sweet fragrance

Hardy zone zones 5

More about Louise Odier rose...

This rose will tolerate a bit of shade, but it does best in hot climates. This is an extremely hardy rose.

Black spot and Mildew can sometimes be a problem for this rose, in certain areas.

This old Bourbon rose is very vigorous growing, and would make an excellent hedge rose. It is a continuous summer bloomer.

One reason why this rose has remained so popular, is because not only is it a great garden rose, but the beautiful, deep pink colored flowers, with their rich fragrance, make excellent flowers for cutting. The intensely fragrant blooms are held on long stems, that last well when cut.

Louise Odier is the parent of many popular French roses.

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