Lighted Potpourri Jar

Make this Rose Craft using Rose Petals
from your Garden

lighted potpourri jarLighted Potpourri Jar

Making a lighted potpourri jar is really simple. You can make lovely rose crafts like this, using your own rose petals from your garden. They make wonderful homemade gifts, that will be treasured for a very long time.

You can vary the look of your potpourri jar, by using different flowers and materials in the jar. For instance, if you want a Christmas (or) Holiday lighted potpourri jar, you could add tiny pine cones, and some dried citrus slices.

The color of the ribbon changes the look also.

So put those rose petals to good use, impress your friends and family, and save a few $$'s on gifts!!

What you will need to Make your
Lighted Potpourri Jar

* 1. Glass Jar

Any Clear glass jar will make a nice potpourri jar to make one of these. You want to be able to see the rose petals and other flowers etc. inside.

* 2. Potpourri Mix

You will need enough potpourri mix to fill the jar. Click here for instructions on Making rose petal potpourri.

* 3. Small strand of Christmas lights

White or colored the choice is yours. A small strand of 25 lights is plenty.

* 4. A small round white lace doily

It needs to cover the top of the potpourri jar and hang over just a bit.

*5. Piece of ribbon, or lace

Ribbon or lace, long enough to wrap around the top of the jar, and make a nice bow!

Instructions to Make a
Potpourri Jar With Lights

rose crafts pink roses
  • Plug the lights in so you can see how they will look as you are working.
  • Put a handful of potpourri in the bottom of the jar.
  • Put the other end of the string of lights into the jar (not all of them, just the beginning)
  • Add more potpourri
  • Add more of the light strand
  • Add more potpourri
  • Keep working, adding more potpourri and rearranging the lights, till you like the look. Try to hide as much of the green cord as you can, leaving only the tiny lights visible through the glass.
  • When your lighted potpourri jar is to your liking, cover the top of the jar with the doily.
  • Tie the Ribbon/lace around the top (you could weave it through if you have holes in the material to do so, like I did in photo) If not just tie it, make a bow, and enjoy!

Your potpourri Jar will perfume the air with lovely scents as the warm lights warm the potpourri.

They are nice on a side table in a hallway or entryway. This Potpourri Jar is especially nice in a bath, to perfume the room while you let 'Calgon take you away!'

~Note: As a precaution, (like your Christmas tree, or any other electrical fixture)Don't leave the jar plugged in unattended.~

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