Lavender Jewel Rose
Purple Miniature Roses

Lavender Jewel Rose is a lavender-mauve colored miniature rose. The blossoms on these miniature roses are double with 38 petals. The soft lavender buds open to become pretty purple roses with very attractive magenta colored markings on the edge of the petals. The Lavender Jewel rose has pointed buds that become full, high centered, rounded blossoms. As the flowers open out, they start to fade to the palest violet at the edges.

You’ll get mid-season bloom that repeats well all season, on a rosebush that is usually disease free.

Type Miniature Rose

Hybridizer Ralph S. Moore 1978

Growth Habits This Miniature is Vigorous, It grows upright,and becomes a compact, rounded plant, that is quite bushy, and grows 12-18”

Blooms Clear Lavender/Mauve blend colored blooms, are one inch across, with 38-50 petals

Foliage medium size foliage is dark green, and semi-glossy, and dense

Fragrance only slight

Hardy zone zones 5-11

These repeat-flowering miniature roses, have a low, compact, bushy growth habit. It is quick to repeat blooms, keeping the flowers coming.

This miniature rose is a vigorous grower that loves climates with high humidity, and becomes even more vigorous in this environment. If you live in a humid climate, give this lavender rose a try.

Lavender Jewel produces abundant blooms throughout the growing season, giving you perfect little, hybrid tea, exhibition form flowers, that are re-flexed, and cupped. The attractive flowers are first shaped like hybrid teas, then open out to look more like miniature Floribundas.

The flowers are an interesting color of soft lavender, tinged with magenta edges. The parents of this miniature are “Angel Face”, and “Little Chief”, two great roses.

Lavender Jewel rose can be used in borders, as an edging plant, in beds, and as a container rose.

Everyone agrees that this rose is one of the finest mauve colored miniature rose. It produces flowers continually all season, and is a very useful garden plant, combining well with other soft colored flowers.

The bush stays more neat and compact in cooler climates, and becomes more sprawling in hot climates.

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