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lavender dream roseLavender Dream

The Lavender Dream Rose, bears bright dark pink flowers that fade to a lighter pink with a hint of purple. Sort of Lilac/pink color.

Beautiful, arching shrub roses that produces vast quantities of semi-double,flowers on a very vigorous billowing bush.

The bright pink colored flowers on the Lavender Dream rose fade to a lighter purple/pink with golden stamens in the center.

They have somewhat tight clusters of 10-40 flowers.

This modern shrub rose is closely related to the old Hybrid Musk roses.

Type   Modern Shrub Roses

Hybridizer  Interplant   Netherlands 1985

Blooms   Lilac/Pink semi double 2-3" blooms have 16 petals

Foliage  Bright green, glossy

Fragrance  Little to no fragrance

Growth Habits  Vigorous, grower, Arching growth habit. It grows 5' tall and wide

Awards  ADR 1987

Hardy Zones   Hardy zones 4-9

More about Lavender Dream Rose..

This amazing shrub rose covers itself in big, close clusters of very pretty mauve colored roses that are single to semi-double. The flat bloom form flowers appear in masses.

You'll get a very free initial blooming, but they also continue to produce flowering shoots right through summer and fall.

This repeat flowering bush tends to throw out arching canes up to 5' in length. Depending on you climate, these could be longer (or shorter). Warmer climates produce longer canes.

Lavender Dream is very free flowering making it quite useful as a shrub rose for landscape situations and in massed plantings. You will also enjoy it mixed with other garden plantings.

It is sometimes used for a border.

The petals are not bothered by the rain. (rain resistant). It does however sometimes have a problem with mildew.

It has a fair share of thorns (prickles)

Parantage; 'Yesterday  x 'Nastarana'

Note: I really like this pretty shrub rose with those unique colored roses! I may have to put it on my wish list for spring! It seems hardy enough, and I really like that color...


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