Landscaping With Roses

landscaping with rosesRoses in the Landscape

By landscaping with roses, you can incorporate the flower you love into any area of the yard or garden.

If you know how to integrate roses into your garden, you can have colorful, beautiful roses blooming all season, without the traditional 'All Rose' garden.

Here you will find the many uses for roses in the landscape, and get a better idea of choosing ones for your situation.

Planting roses that thrive without special care (disease resistant) varieties, and ones hardy to your specific planting zone are key factors!

Roses for Edging

Instead of using traditional Annual plants to define the edge of a bed or border, why not use roses?

Rose edging doesn't need to be replanted every Spring, they are dependable bloomers, and add color and beauty not found in other flowers.

Miniature Roses will do the job nicely. Be sure to choose ones hardy to your area, and lower growing ones.

Roses for Landscape Shrubs

Many of today's modern Shrub roses are specifically bred to be used as landscape shrubs.  The repeat blooming varieties add color to the landscape all season.

Landscaping with roses that are Once-bloomers can also be done, but you should place them where their color will be enjoyed at that time of year, and where they will fade into the background when blooming is finished.

Roses for Hedges

The best roses to use for hedges are compact, bushy roses. China roses and any of the Rugosas make nice rose hedges.

Plant them in a row so that their branches will overlap.  If you space them at two-thirds of their expected spread, they will grow to become a tight secure hedge.

Roses for a Mixed Border

Insert an ever-blooming rose among the perennials, and you will ensure the color of the bed will stay consistent throughout the season.

When landscaping with roses for the border, the best roses for mixed plantings, are Gallicas, Hybrid Rugosas, Floribundas, Polyanthas, many of the modern Shrub roses,and China Roses.

The bulk of a rose bush when set in a mixture of other flowering plants, form a natural accent, or focal point.

When you plant roses at intervals throughout the length of a border, you will add rhythm and movement to the border.

Roses for Containers

container rosesRoses in Containers

Even if you think you have no room to grow roses.....take heed, you do! A Miniature rose planted in a large pot or urn, can really dress up your walkway, front or back entrance, the patio, or even your steps.

Use them as a focal point in the center of a garden for a striking display.

Roses for a Kitchen Garden

If you have a kitchen garden in your backyard, it would make sense to plant roses that would supply you with plenty of rose petals and hips to use in your recipes.

These can be used in soups, jellies, jams, pastries, sorbets, and even fresh petals sprinkled on salads.

The Rugosa  roses are the best choice for kitchen gardens. This rose type, being resistant to most diseases, doesn't require spraying, and produces lots of hips.

Climbing Roses

climbing rosesClimbing Roses

Make a fence or wall of flowers with climbing roses! Plant them on a pillar, arbor, the porch, a trellis, or let them cascade over a wall.

Landscaping with roses that climb is easy.

Climbers come in lots of interesting colors, and lots of different heights, as well as bloom times.

Roses for a Cutting Garden

Like cutting roses for the vase? The best roses to cut are the Hybrid teas. This doesn't mean that YOU can grow them! These roses do best in warmer climates, and don't usually survive cold zones. That's unfortunate for those of us that live in those zones.

However, we can still plant Floribunda, and Heirloom roses with very beautiful, (and usually very fragrant) blooms!

Even though the roses will be used for cutting, you can still make use of their beauty in the landscape. After-all, you can't cut all the flowers at once, so you should always have others blooming.

Plant colorful Perennial and Annual flowers among them to add to your bouquets. This will keep the garden colorful and ever-blooming all season.

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