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Landscape design tips to help you create a beautiful landscape. Good garden design ideas include plans that are filled with abundant flowers, and balanced shrubbery.

Learn how to balance the design for a show-stopping landscape. The landscaping of your home, contributes greatly to it's appearance. When the job is done well, the landscape complements and enhances the architecture. Not only does it contribute to the aesthetics of the home, but also improves the value.

A well done design can increase your outdoor living space with outdoor areas for entertaining and relaxing, thus providing you and your family a pretty place to enjoy the outdoors.

Scroll down for some of my ideas to a nicely done Landscape Design

Tips for a Better Landscape


Scale is the size of an object in proportion to a person. In planning your landscape, keep in mind sizes

  • Example: How big will a tree get when fully grown? If you have a small house, choose smaller trees
  • Don't plant shrubs that get really big, under windows
  • Is the front walk, or path to the garden wide enough?
  • Is the sitting wall a comfortable height?
  • Always put taller plants in back, or in the middle of an island bed


Garden ideas to create unity. To achieve unity, you will choose plants of related color and texture. Each garden bed should strive for unity. An unplanned bed becomes a hodgepodge of plants that forces your eye to move restlessly from one plant to another. note; A garden with assorted plants of different colors and textures is an old-fashioned Cottage garden. Maybe this is what you had in mind. To achieve this Cottage Design read more..........


Balance gives the design stability. To create balance, follow these landscape design tips: To create symmetrical balance, you could plant flowers evenly around a central feature. (tree, garden statue etc.) If an object in the garden is not centered, (such as a bench), you could create asymmetrical balance, by planting an upright plant on one side, and three low-growing ones on the other.

Keep in mind bloom time for all flowers, shrubs and trees. As the season unfolds, different plants will come in to flower, so to maintain balance, you want colors that compliment each other in bloom at the same time.

~Focal Point~

Give your eyes a place to start! Something that has other elements surrounding it, that draws the eye outward to view the whole scope of the garden or landscape. This could be a piece of sculpture, a bench, any tree, or special plant.


Repeat the same plant, or group of plants at regular intervals to create some rhythm. or use plants with the same qualities and repeat them in rhythmical groupings with other flowers.


Color influences the visual impact of the landscape design. We generally think of the flowers as providing the color, but actually it comes from many elements including the flowers, foliage, berries, bark,and even the construction materials. Foliage for instance, may provide different shades of green, purplish, or variegated during the growing season, and change to red, yellow or bronze in the Fall.

Repetition of color in the landscape or garden creates unity. Keep in mind these landscape design tips on color, when planning your landscape. Masses of the same color, will make a bold color statement.

Warm colors are Red, Orange, and Yellow

Cool Colors are Blue, Green, and Violet

I hope these Landscape Design tips will get you off to a good start. For more help...

Garden Design Ideas

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