Laguna Rose

Climbing Rose Bush

Laguna climbing rose bushLaguna Rose Bush

The Laguna Rose is a stunning climbing rose bush. The electric pink colored roses cover the plant in large clusters of 6-8 blooms recurrently all season.

Rounded, magenta buds open to a vibrant electric pink, double rose flower with a strong, fruity/spicy fragrance.

The very full blooms are cupped to flat bloom form, and make quite a statement, as you can see from the picture. The bush appears to be covered in so many lovely roses, they are simply hanging from the bush!

More about the Laguna Rose..

Type Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer  Tim Hermann Kordes (Germany)1954

Blooms Deep, electric pink blooms that range from  3-4" across, with 26-40 petals

Foliage Glossy, dark green

Fragrance Strong, Fruity scent

Growth Habits  Grows upright, bushy, 7'-9' tall by around 3-5' wide

Hardy zone zones 5b - 9b

laguna roseCloseup of Laguna Rose Flower

This is a vigorous growing climbing rosebush, that makes a particularly nice rose for planting on a pillar, a pergola, or even an arbor.(One on each side of an arbor would be especially nice!)

It has dense foliage, and unlike some other climbers, it produces flowers right to the ground.

The dense, glossy green foliage is very disease resistant to both black spot, and mildew.

Not only is it a pretty site in the garden, but the roses make nice cut flowers as well. You should keep them dead headed for the best repeat.

Cutting off spent blooms (deadheading) encourages the canes to produce more flowers.

Be careful around this bush! The canes are heavily armed with thorns (prickles).

Note; I think I might try to find a spot in my garden for this rose myself! (I simply love those pink blooms!)


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