Lady of Megginch Rose

Fragrant English Roses

The Lady of Megginch rose has large, deeply cupped flowers of a rich deep pink color.

The flowers on this English rosebush,are slightly tinged with deep orange at first, and then change to a very deep, rose pink color. A beautiful and stunning rose!

This most impressive rose starts out with pretty round buds, that gradually open to form flowers that are quite large, cupped, and rosette shaped. They have that old-fashioned bloom form typical of English Roses.

The lovely blooms grow in clusters that make lovely bouquets of wonderfully fragrant roses. Not only because the flowers are so beautiful, but the fragrance is delicious! (Old rose and fruity). Cut a spray, and have a bouquet for the vase!

Type Old Rose Hybrid

Hybridizer David Austin 2006(Britain)

Growth Habits A rose bush that can grow 4’ tall, and 3‘wide. Will grow vigorously to a medium to large size shrub. Has a bushy and spreading growth habit.

Blooms Rich deep pink, tinted with orange then changing to a deep rose pink. The blooms are large, and deeply cupped, between size 4-5", with around 100 petals

Foliage Medium size, matte green foliage

Fragrance Strong, Raspberry, Old Rose, Fruity, fragrance

Hardy zone zones 6-9

These English rose bushes will form a very impressive shrub in your garden. It has a good, bushy habit, and will grow to be a medium or large size shrub, (depending on how you prune it, and your climate zone.)

Lady of Megginch blooms in flushes throughout the growing season. Plant it in a border of lighter, softer colored flowers (and/or) roses and it will help to brighten up the garden.

Uses for this rose include; Rose beds, borders, cut flowers.

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