Lady Banks Rose

Banksiae Lutea, Yellow Lady Banks

lady banks roseLady Banks (Yellow)

Yellow Lady Banks Rose is the classic easy-care rose for southern gardens, often lasting generations!

This very vigorous, yellow climbing rose, will grow up and over anything. It should have a very sturdy structure to climb.

It will happily climb high into trees, making a beautiful canopy of yellow flowers.

Its thorn-less, graceful arching canes,can grow up to 30 feet. (as much as 10 feet in one season) They have abundant narrow dark green leaves.

The one inch, pale yellow flowers, are very double. They grow in clusters that cover the entire plant. yellow climbing rose blooms only once during the season. The flowering can last for up to 6 weeks, starting in May usually. The blooms have little fragrance, but what a show they put on!

Type Wild Rose

Hybridizer Introduced in 1824 by the Royal Horticulture Society

Blooms Light yellow 17-25 petals once blooming

Foliage almost thorn-less

Growth Habit Grows 15-30 feet (or more) x 8 feet wide

Fragrance light-like violets

Hardy Zone 6b - 10b

The plant blooms on 2nd and 3rd year wood, so the plant should not be pruned until it is a few years old, after that, you should prune out older, and dead wood. Even if left unattended, this bush will flower graciously!

Some gardeners find this rose invasive, actually overtaking small buildings. I've heard stories of those who try to get rid of it by cutting it completely down, and it sprouts right back up, as good as new!

(personally, I find it quite beautiful, and would happily prune it, to keep it in check, if I were lucky enough to be able to grow it in my planting zone!)

If you want a rose that puts on a spectacular show each year, this is it! Clouds of blossoms, billow out of the trees, they are planted in.

If you want one.....

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There is also a white variety that is just as beautiful!

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