La Belle Sultane Rose

Crimson Colored Gallica Rosebush

The La Belle Sultane rose is an old Gallica rose with some very impressive deep crimson blooms.

The nearly heart shaped blooms have a white base and bright yellow stamens. The lovely crimson color fades to violet with age.

This is a very vigorous, upright growing rose bush that suckers quite readily. If you have a corner in the yard in need of filling in, this rose will happily go from a single plant into a thicket in no time!

Note: Be careful planting this one in the rose garden; the suckers are that vigorous!

Type Gallica

Hybridizer Unkown France around 1810

Blooms Deep crimson with white base and yellow stamens. Color fades to gray/purple with age. There are 12-15 petals, The single petals are 4" across and heart shaped.

Foliage Medium size, medium green color Matte, slightly Rugose

Growth Habit Upright, very vigorous, bushy 5' by 4'

Fragrance  Moderate

Hardy zone zones 4-10

More about La Belle Sultane Rose..

The flower color is fabulous on this old Gallica rose. The round buds open flat, and become single blooms of deep, dark crimson with a crown of contrasting yellow stamens. The petals are almost black toward the edges, and more red toward the center and on the petal backs.

At times the fragrant petals appear to swirl.

When it was first introduced,the fact that the flowers faded was considered a fault, but in today's garden, we welcome the change in colors.

It displays a beautiful spectrum of change including; crimson, purple, reddish violet, maroon, and mauve.

This once-blooming rose flowers in the spring, but for a really long time! This rose blooms for 6-8 weeks, then drops some of it's leaves, only to be replaced with a new set of leaves that turn a wonderful red color with fall frosts!

La Belle Sultane rose can be considered as beautiful in the fall as it is in the spring, due to that marvelous red coloring of the leaves! (As nice as the red twig dogwood)

The tall, arching canes make this rose suitable for a border or a hedge. The canes are covered with red bristles.

It grows well, and tolerates poor soil and heat well. It is considered a very tough rose with slender stems. The plant is almost thorn-less, except the stems that are covered in small, dark bristles.

After the summer flowering, a crop of red hips cover the plant.

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