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Knockout rosePink Knockout

The Knockout rose is probably the most popular, and widely planted landscape rose today. Quickly repeating clusters of flowers, blanket the plant all summer.

When planted in groups, bushes of Knockouts are simply stunning in the garden!

If you want a  bush that rewards you with a constant display of blooms, give these a try.

They are especially good for planting in massing in large beds. Even without trimming Knockout roses, they will grow into a rounded bush at least 3-4 feet tall, by 3-4 feet wide, or bigger depending on your climate.

It makes a wonderful rounded bush, that grows about 3-4' tall and wide, in cooler climates, and much larger in warmer zones.

The warmer your climate, the bigger these bushes can get!

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Radler 1999

Blooms Flowers are lighter pink in the center, with deeper cherry red at the edges.Single flowers are 3" across, with 5-7 petals. Blooms in clusters

Growth Habits 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide. rounded bush

Foliage semi-glossy green, new growth is purple

Fragrance none

Awards AARS 2000, ARS Members Choice Award 2004, Portland Gold medal 2003

Hardy Zone to zone 4

They are VERY hardy and VERY dependable. These shrubs, are virtually immune to Black spot.

double pink colored rose

This is a double Pink, planted in a small group. The color on this one is a softer, lighter shade of pink. The same flower-power, hardiness, and resistance to disease, applies to all the roses in the series.

More about the Double Knockout..

a border of knockouts

Colors for this incredible rose include:

The original Knock out, a deep cherry red, with a lighter pink in the center, deepening to cherry at the outer edges.

Pink Knockout, a lovely pink shade, with even more flower power than the original Knock out

Blushing Knockout, a much lighter shade of pink

Double Pink Knockout, Deep pink, producing double flowers

Sunny Knockout, The latest addition to the series, has bright sunny yellow blooms

Rainbow Knockout A rainbow of colors.

Cloud 10- Pure white, full blooms resemble English roses.4-5” blooms stand out very well against the dark green foliage. This disease resistant rose is considered a small climber,(in warm climates) growing 7-8’ tall.

Milwaukee’s Calatrava – Fragrant, pure white, double  3-4“ Blooms are steadily produced from spring till fall. Petals are slightly ruffled, and take on a hint of pink during cooler weather. Dark, bluish green foliage on bushy 4-5’ plants. 

Rainbow Knockout

rainbow knockout

Coral-pink single blooms, painted with rich yellow at the base. Plants are very floriferous, and bloom from Spring through Fall.

Makes a colorful addition to the rose garden, or use in beds or borders.

Unaffected to black-spot, and resistant to mildew and rust. Learn more..

Blushing Knockout

blushing knockout

The light pink to shell pink single blooms are more gently colored, but just as magnificent! Has all the same attributes as others from the Knockout family. Grows 2-3 ft.

Very Hardy

These disease resistant roses, might be fragrance free, but they make up for the lack of fragrance, in virtual FLOWER POWER!

They should be in every garden.

Cool weather changes the lovely deep green foliage to burgundy.

Order yours from the same trusted companies where I get mine.

If you want EASY, CAREFREE, DISEASE-RESISTANT, and LOTS of FLOWERS, plant these roses! Mine continue to bloom well into the fall, even though I have stopped cutting them back!
Interesting books- many pictures, very good for reference!

The book "Easiest Roses to Grow", is a great reference book. Its not to big (only 96 pages) but it's packed with information, and LOTS of pictures. It suggest Easiest roses for growing lots of situations!

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