Kinds of Roses

List of Rose Types

Need help in choosing among the 5,000 and more different kinds of roses? This list of roses offer descriptions of different rose types and varieties.

Your selection of roses is subject to personal taste, as well as changes that come with time. Some of the once-loved, wonderful older roses are being removed from the grower's catalog to make room for those never-ending newer varieties that are introduced.

Most of the roses on this list of roses, are different kinds of roses that have proven themselves worthy by withstanding the test of time. There are some wonderful old varieties that have been popular ever since their introduction.

Hybrid Tea Kinds of Roses

hybrid tea kinds of roses-purple rose

The most widely grown rose of today. Their popularity is due to their wonderful color range, long strong stems, great fragrance on most varieties, the size and elegance of the individual blossoms.

These kinds of roses, with their long lasting blossoms make good exhibition roses, as well as cutting roses for the vase. You'll find them in an endless variety of colors.

They bloom abundantly all season.

Most are not winter hardy, so check your planting zone!

Bewitched Large 3-5' flowers. Blooms are flat and double. Bright rose-pink color with a sweet clove-like fragrance. Height of 4 ft. tall. Introduced in 1967

Candy Stripe Very large double flowers can be up to 6 " A dusty pink color with a lighter pink and creamy white stripe. Strong fragrance Tea-like. Profuse bloomer! Grows 2 1/2-4' tall Introduced in 1963

Charolette Armstrong Winner of many gold medals. Pointed dark red buds open to deep pink 5" blossoms Profuse bloomer is extremely vigorous. Grows over 4' Introduced in 1941

Chicago Peace Rose Profusely blooming rose produces elegant flowers 4-6" across that are a pink and yellow blend. Slight fragrance. Compact bush 2 1/2-4'. Introduced in 1962

Chrysler Imperial Rose Dark Crimson high-centered blooms. Strong Fragrance. These kinds of roses are outstanding for exhibition. Introduced in 1953

Crimson Glory One of the finest red tea roses. Velvety deep crimson double blooms. Strong clove fragrance. Plants reach 2 1/2 -4', with a graceful spreading habit. Very hardy. Introduced in 1935

Fragrant Cloud Rose Abundant coral-red double blooms. Strong tea fragrance. Good garden and show rose Introduced 1968

Garden Party Rose Pale yellow with shades of white and pink tinges.Bushy plants are well branched and free blooming. Grows 2 1/2 -4 '. Introduced in 1960

Laura Coral pink/salmon flowers are double. Plenty of flowers to pick! Moderate fragrance. Upright and vigorous growing over 4 ft. Introduced in 1969

Mirandy Double flowers are a deep red. Wonderful heavy, spicy clove fragrance. Plants are compact, bushy. 2 1/2 -4 ft. Introduced in 1945

Mister Lincoln Rose Dark red, large, very showy, double blossoms are up to 6".m Strong fragrance. Grows more than 4'. Introduced in 1965

Oklahoma Rose One of the darkest reds of these kinds of roses! Show quality blooms 4-5 1/2". Strong Tea fragrance. The bushes are well branched and grow  2 1/2 -4'. Introduced in 1964

Pascali Blossoms are a creamy white. Flowers are 3-4". Profuse bloomer with a slight fragrance. Vigorously grows over 4'. Dark green foliage with few thorns. Good rose for exhibition. Introduced in 1969

Peace Rose Golden yellow flowers have a rose pink base.Slight fragrance. Vigorous, hardy. Grows over 4'. Some consider it to be the greatest rose ever bred. Introduced in 1946


Double flowers of a pink and gold blend 4-5". Profuse bloomer with a strong fragrance. Vigorous, growing 2 1/2-4'. Introduced in 1955

Tropicana Rose Elegant roses are coral/orange. 4-5" double blooms. Strong fruity fragrance. 2 1/2 -- 4"tall. These kinds of roses have very thorny stems with disease resistant foliage. Introduced (Pictured above)1963

Floribunda Kinds of Roses

kinds of roses floribunda roses

These kinds, "Floribunda roses" will bloom almost constantly. In zones 9-10, they take a short midwinter dormant period. In zones 3-8 they bloom from Spring until frost. They bloom mostly in clusters, and are relatively hardy. They are compact, and well-shaped, growing 2-3' tall and wide. They provide constant color for your garden, and make good cut flowers.

Angel Face Rose Wavy, deep lavender flowers are double 3-4" across. Strong, spicy fragrance. Profuse bloomer. Introduced in 1968

Betty Prior Single, medium pink flowers are among the tallest of the floribundas. Can reach 4-5'. Very hardy and disease resistant. One of the best older varieties. Introduced in 1938

Border Gold Lush double flowers 2 -3 1/2", are medium to deep yellow. Slight fragrance. Glossy foliage is dark bronze to green. Plants grow less than 2'. Introduced in 1966

Europeana Crimson 2-3" flowers are double. Bloom in large, heavy clusters. Slight fragrance. Grows 2-3". Nice cut flowers. Introduced in 1968

Eutin Dark red, double flowers 2-3". Blossom in very large clusters on long stems. Slight fragrance. Plants grow 2-3'. Exceptionally hardy and disease resistant. Introduced in 1940 (pictured above)

Fashion A blend of coral/peachy pink. Double, 2 1/2-3' Moderate fragrance. Plants grow 2-3'. Winner of many international awards. Introduced in 1950

Gene Boerner High centered double flowers 2 1/2-3 1/2". Vibrant pink Profuse bloomer. Slight fragrance and few thorns. Plants grow 2-3'. Introduced in 1968

Goldilocks Double flowers 2 1/2-3 1/2' are deep yellow that gradually fade to cream.Fragrance is moderate. Plant is compact, growing less than 2'. Introduced in 1945

Iceburg Rose Double flowers are 2 1/2-4" White flowers open to a hint of pink in the center. Strong fragrance. They are among the most profusely blooming floribunda roses. Excellent disease resistance. Introduced in 1958

Irish Mist Orange/salmon flowers are double 3 1/2-4 1/2" Profuse bloomer. Slight fragrance. Dense bushes grow 2-3' tall. Introduced in 1966

Lilac Charm Single flowers have 5-8 petals. 2 1/2-4" across. Flowers are lilac with gold anthers and red filaments. Moderate fragrance. Compact bushes grow 2-3' tall. Introduced in 1962

Orange Chiffon Double flowers 2-3" have orange/salmon faces with silvery/range undersides. No fragrance. Small plants grow less than 2'. Profuse bloomer. Introduced in 1966

Pinocchio fully double flowers are small 1-2". Pink blend with pink edges. Bloom in long attractive spays with a moderate fruity fragrance. Plants grow 2-3'. Introduced in 1942


Flowers are double 1 1/2-2 1/2" Red blend with deeper red edges, and yellow centers. Slight spicy fragrance. Plants grow 2-3' tall. Introduced in 1960

Grandiflora Kinds of Roses

kinds of roses granada rose

Grandifloras are a combination of the best kinds of roses. A mixture of Hybrid Tea's and Floribunda roses. They have good blooming habits, and hardiness. They flower continuously. They bear huge quantities of blossoms that are 3-5" in diameter. Most Grandiflora's grow 3-6 feet or more, making them good for the back of the garden.

Camelot Salmon pink double flowers 3 1/2-4". Moderate spicy fragrance. Vigorous bushes grow 2 1/2-4'. Introduced in 1965

Carrousel Flowers are semi-double. Deep red 3-4" across. Moderate fragrance. Profusely blooming plants grow 2 1/2-4' tall. Introduced in 1950

Golden Girl Golden yellow, double 3 1/2- 4 1/2. Long slender buds. Moderate fragrance. Upright, tender plant grows 2 1/2-4" tall. Introduced in 1959

Granada Double, 3-5" flowers are a blend of rose, red and yellow. Urn-shaped buds. ,Moderate fragrance. Plants grow 2 1/2- 4'. Introduced in 1963 as a Hybrid Tea, and reclassified in 1971 as a Grandiflora (pictured above)

June Bride Creamy white double flowers 3-4" across appear in clusters of 3-7. Moderate fragrance. Plants grow 4' tall and higher. Introduced in 1957

Lucky Lady Double flowers in shades of lighter and darker pink. Slight fragrance. Plants grow 2 1/2-4 ' tall. Introduced in 1967

Pink Parfait Double flowers are a blend of light pink colors. Slight fragrance. Plants grow 2 1/2-4' tall. Introduced in 1960

Queen Elizabeth Rose Medium pink double flowers.The original and most famous of these kinds of roses "Grandiflora roses" Disease resistant, and hardy. Plants grow 4-6'. Winner of many gold medals. Introduced in 1954


Large 4-5" double flowers bloom on clusters. on long stems. Moderate fragrance. Plants grow 2 1/2-4'. Introduced in 1959

Climbing Kinds of Roses

climbing roses

Climbing roses "climb" when secured to supports. They are virtually roses with "long canes", that do not attach themselves to anything, but need to be tied, and trained to their supports. These kinds of roses usually grow 6-over 15' tall.

Look Here for the care of climbing roses....

Pillar roses are a sub-class of the large-flowered climbers that grow 5-10". They are most ofter planted beside a pillar or post.

It is easy to pick one of these kinds of roses for your particular need. Shorter ones do best on posts, pillars, and trellis's.

American Pillar Rose Large-flowered climber has single flowers that are deep pink with white centers. No fragrance. Grows 15-20'. Blooms once a year in the Spring. Introduced in 1908

Blaze Large flowered climber with scarlet flowers that appear continuously. Slight fragrance. Plants grow 8-15'.

Blossomtime Large flowered climber. Pink blend flowers in clusters are 3-4" across. Constant blooms. Strong Fragrance. Grows 6-10'. Introduced in 1951

Chevy Chase Rambler with dark crimson double flowers. 1 1/2-2 1/2". Bloom in clusters. These kinds of roses "Ramblers" bloom only once, in the Spring. Moderate fragrance. Plants grow 12-15'. Introduced in 1939

Climbing Pinkie Climbing Polyantha Rose-pink semi-double flowers. 1 1/2-2 1/2' Blooms in large clusters all season. Slight fragrance. Plants grow 8-12'. Introduced in 1952

Don Juan Large flowered climber. Velvety red flowers are up to 5" across. Strong fragrance. Plants grow 6-10'. Introduced in 1958

Dortmund Single-flowers are 2 1/2-3 1/2" . Red with white centers. Blooms in large clusters. Moderate fragrance. Plants grow 8-12 ft.Constant blooms. Introduced in 1955

Golden Showers Rose Large flowered climber with yellow flowers. Moderate fragrance. Bloom Continually. Grow 6-12'. Introduced in 1957

New Dawn Rose Large flowered climber with clusters of blush pink double blossoms. Slight fragrance. Plants grow 15-20'. Bloom all season. Introduced in 1930

Rhode Island Red Large flowered climber with double blossoms 4-5" across. Dark red with a moderate fragrance. Hardy. Plants grow 10-15 feet. Bloom Spring and Fall. Introduced in 1957

Viking Queen

Large flowered climber. Medium to deep pink 3-4" blossoms. Grows in clusters. Strong fragrance. Plants grow 12-15'. Bloom continuously. Introduced in 1963

Polyantha Kinds of Roses

Polyantha's are low growing kinds of roses that are very hardy roses. They produce large clusters of small blooms. The Greek word 'polyantha' means many blooms .

Plants usually grow 2' and lower., and flowers are generally small.

Carol Ann Small double flowers are orange/salmon. Blooms in tight clusters. No fragrance. Plant grows less than 2'. Introduced in 1940

Cecile Brunner Small, exquisite double flowers grow in clusters. Bright pink with a touch of yellow at the base. Moderate fragrance. One of the taller ones growing almost 3'. Introduced in 1881

Mothersday Clusters of up to 20 deep red double flowers. Profuse bloomer. No fragrance. Introduced in 1949

Snow White White double flowers are globe shaped. Blooms are in small clusters. No fragrance. Bushy plants grow less than 2'. Introduction Unknown

The Fairy Rose Large clusters of small pink flowers. Profuse bloomer. No fragrance. Very hardy. Introduced 1941

Other Kinds of Roses include: Hybrid Perpetual Roses,Damask Roses, Moss Roses, and Cabbage Roses.

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