Ketchup and Mustard Rose

Unique Floribunda Rose

The Ketchup and Mustard rose, or Ketchup & Mustard, is quite a unique colored rose, with the most incredible color contrast. It is a beautiful bright red color, with a deep yellow reverse.

The blooms are medium size with a double bloom form. The perfectly shaped blooms are actually much prettier when you see them in person!

Ketchup and Mustard rose

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Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Christian Bedard 2011 (United States)

Blooms Bright red blooms with a deep yellow reverse. Medium to large sized blooms are about 3 1/2" across with 17-25 petals. The bush is Cluster flowering in small cluster form

Foliage Light green foliage is medium size and glossy. The canes are (Almost) Thorn-less

Growth Habits Bushy growing, rounded habit. The bush is well branched. It grows upright to a height of around 3-4'. It can spread from 2-4'.

Fragrance  Moderate fragrance

Hardy Zones zones 5- 9

the rose called ketchup and mustard

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This stunning Floribunda rose produces it's uniquely colored blooms in clusters throughout the growing season.

The canes are nearly thorn-less, making it easy to pick the beautiful blooms for bouquets.

The bush begins with shapely buds that are pointed. As the blooms unfold you see a very formal, spiral shaped beautiful red rose with yellow backs. Once the bloom has opened completely, it flattens out to be a pretty red rose with a yellow center.

I've heard only good things about the Ketchup and Mustard rose! It is a great rose for a beginner!

This rose grows into a nicely rounded bush that is tidy growing and well behaved.

It is very disease resistant, and a vigorous grower. It has no known rose disease issues!

Floriferous spring flush with lots of blooms through the rest of the season.

The beautiful blooms are quite velvety and hold their color well.

This one is a real attention getter both in the vase and in the garden! Use it is a focal point, or to accent a softer area of the garden.


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