Julia Child Rose Bush

julia child rose bushJulia Child

The Julia Child Rose Bush , is a wonderful yellow colored Floribunda rose, with a sunny golden, buttery yellow color.

This lovely Foribunda, produces clusters of blooms in abundance, from early Spring, right through the season, into fall, keeping the bush very colorful.

The famous Chef, Julia Child, chose this rose to bear her name. She loved the color, as well as the wonderful sweet/Licorice/Candy fragrance.

More about Julia Child rose bush..

Type Floribunda

Hybridizer  Tom Carruth 2004

Blooms  Butter Gold 4" across blooms have more than 35 petals

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, rounder, bushy, 3-4'

Foliage Medium size leaves, glossy, medium green color

Fragrance Moderate (Licorice) 

Awards  AARS 2006

Hardy Zone  6b - 9b

Julia Child , is a very rounded bush, with very glossy foliage. The bright flowers stand out well against the green foliage. It is a consistent bloomer that is floriferous in all climates.

The bush grows up to 4 feet tall, and 3-4 feet wide. (depending on your zone) Roses tend to grow larger in warmer climates.

It is very disease resistant.

This is a great rose to plant in a container.

Follow this link to learn about planting roses in containers

Plant this rose front and center. Don't hide it in the back of the garden.

For a stunning effect, try planting one or two of these roses, surrounded by blue flowers. Tall blue Delphiniums behind them, or some blue Ageratum, or Veronica in front of them! Planting blue, or purple flowers near them, brings out the lovely yellow color (pink roses are nice companions also)

Planting some Babies Breath close by, gives you an instant bouquet. Be sure to cut some of these to bring inside, the scent is fabulous!

Wondering where to Buy this rose?

Purchase Julia Child HERE


For instructions on how to plant The Julia Child Rose Bush As all Floribundas, these roses are very easy to care for. When planting this rose, be sure to give it plenty of room. It can spread out 3-4 feet.

Deadhead faded blooms to encourage the plant to produce more flowers.

Prune lightly to maintain the shape of the plant.

Mulch with at least 2 inches of mulch to conserve moisture

Be sure to give the bush plenty of water, especially the first few weeks after planting.

Don't fertilize a newly planted bush until after the first flush of flowers.Click here to learn how to fertilize your roses

Reader Comments:

Julia Child yellow rose

By by PD Laich
(Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA)

The deep butter yellow of our Julia Child rose is a happy addition to our garden. Even the very first bloom was large with many layers of perfect petals.
While I am pleased with the bloom and foliage, I am a wee bit disappointed as far as fragrance....the perfume is mild at best. As time goes on, hopefully, this will improve. That noted, we are pleased with the gorgeous golden yellow color.

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