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judy garland roseJudy Garland

The Judy Garland Rose, is like a rainbow in your garden!

The multi-colored flowers darken as they age. They start off yellow,with a bit of orange on the tips, then as they open, they turn to orange, and by the time they are done, they actually look more red.

They are classified as being a "yellow blend with red edges", but actually I consider them more as an ever-changing rose!

The flowers can appear in clusters of up to ten per cluster, so as new flowers open, the colors are constantly changing. You will get all stages of colors on every cluster! A bush in full bloom is magnificent!

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Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Harkness 1977

Blooms yellow blend with red edges Flowers are 3 1/2” across, with 35 petals

Growth Habits Medium Vigorous grower, that can reach 3-4' Plants are Bushy

Foliage Medium, medium green, semi-glossy

Fragrance moderate Apple/Rose, musky fragrance

Hardy Zone zone 6-10

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These Floribunda roses have great character! They form a neat, bushy plant that is vigorous, and very disease resistant.

They are pleasantly scented, and make great cut flowers. Just snip off a cluster, and you'll get multi-colors to every spray. Beware, they have lots of prickles (thorns).

When planted in mass, they make quite an impressive display in the garden. They bloom in flushes all season, providing lots of changing colors of red, yellow, and orange to the garden. The blooms will fade rapidly in the hot sun.

With parentage with names like "Circus", and "Super Star", and even "Pineapple Poll", it's easy to see why this rose produces a (riot) of changing colors!

They are sometimes bothered by Black spot.

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