Jude The Obscure Rose

Apricot Colored  English Roses

jude the obscure roseJude the Obscure

Jude The Obscure rose, is a hardy, disease resistant apricot colored English roses from David Austin.

The very large blooms on these shrub roses are in-curved, and chalice shaped with a very light, buff yellow/apricot color on the outside, with a darker blush of yellow inside.

The soft,subtle colors remind you of 19th century tea roses.

The flowers are produced both singly, and in small clusters, but mostly solitary.

This rose is a strong, healthy grower that responds well to Summer pruning. Warmer climates can grow it as a climber with great success.

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Type English Musk Rose

Hybridizer David Austin (Britain)1995

Growth Habits Vigorous, upright, bushy growing bush that can grow 3 ½’ to 4’

Blooms Pale yellow colored outside, and medium yellow inside. Globular flowers 4- 5” across, have 55-70 petals

Foliage Medium size, medium green, semi-glossy, some prickles

Fragrance Intense, fruity fragrance

Awards Monza Fragrance Award 1996

Hardy zone zones 5-10

Blooms have a lot of in-curved petals that give them a globular shape. After opening out a little, they have a somewhat ruffled appearance.

This rose is free-flowering on a strong, vigorous growing bush that is well shaped, and bushy, but very prickly. The new growth is crimson colored.

It is blessed with a magnificent fragrance that is partially fruity, and reminiscent of sweet white wine and guava. It has also been described as lemon/myrrh, and peachy. (very fruity)

This is a repeat flowering rose that is very popular. It thrives in dry climates. Flowers may not open well in damp climates.The flowers are also easily damaged by rain and humidity.

These English roses are not only very pretty, but also very disease resistant.

Quoted from David Austin: "'Jude the Obscure' produces some of the most superb blooms you have ever seen"

Jude the Obscure rose was named after a novel written in 1895 by writer Thomas Hardy

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