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John f. Kennedy roseJohn F. Kennedy

The John F Kennedy rose, named after the former American President, are Hybrid Tea roses with elegant buds, that open to beautiful pure white roses.

In early bud stage, the buds are tinged a bit with green. The pure white, flowers start off cream color, and then open to pure white with green markings on the back of the outer petals.

The petals are long, and large, curling back at the edges of the bud. Fully opened flowers have an attractive, slightly wavy outline to the petals.

The elegant, pure white flowers of the John f Kennedy rose are magnificent in the garden, especially when used for cut flowers.

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Type Large Flowered Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Boerner 1965

Blooms Pure White Flowers are 5½”across, with 40-45 petals

Growth Habits Strong, upright, that can reach 3-4’

Foliage Large, Dark Green

Fragrance Medium, Fruity fragrance

Hardy Zone 6

The flowers on this Hybrid Tea rose appear mostly singly, but sometimes in clusters of up to four.

The generously scented, elegant blossoms are produced quite freely throughout the growing season.

The stems are long and straight, making them perfect for cutting.Learn how to make your cut flowers last longer, and pick lots of bouquets.

 The leaves are thick, and tough, although in cooler climates, the bush can sometimes suffer from mildew, and black-spot, Therefore, these white rose bushes do best in hot, dry climates. Wind and rain will spoil the petals, turning them brown.

White roses blend with every color in your garden, so any rose planted beside it, compliments it well. Over 40 years old, this rose is still quite popular today!

Before you consider this white rose bush for your garden, be sure that you are in the right planting zone to grow it.

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