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Multi-Colored Climbing Roses

joesphs coat roseJoesphs Coat

Joesphs Coat Rose, has beautiful blooms, with ever changing hues of red, orange and yellow.

These multicolored climbing roses are spectacular planted on a fence or wall. The lovely flowers really stand out in front of the beautiful shiny green foliage.

Like the Biblical garb for which it was named, 'Joesph's Coat' rose has multi-colored blooms on the plant at all times.

Buds of red and orange open into yellow flowers that change to orange and scarlet as they mature.

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Type Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Armstrong and Swim 1964

Blooms Yellow/red in color flowers are 3" across, with 23-28 petals.

Growth Habits A vigorous climber, grows 10-12'

Foliage Foliage is medium, dark green, and glossy.

Fragrance Only slight

Awards Bagatelle Gold medal 1964

Hardy Zone 5-10

The 3 " fluffy, blooms open almost flat to show the stamens to their best. Flowers appear in large clusters all season.

This climbing rose is a vigorous grower that can grow up to 12 feet. It is best trained on a pillar or fence.

You'll find only a slight fragrance to these ever-changing climbing roses.
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Joesph's Coat is hardy in zones 5-10, but is on the tender side, and should be given winter protection in harsh climates.

Whether you want red climbing roses, orange climbing roses, or yellow climbing roses, this one rose will fit the bill! At any given time, you will have ALL the colors on the plant at once! Truly a spectacular colored rose, but somewhat tender.

It grows pretty fast, so within a couple of years, you will have a great climbing rose, that is sure to attract a lot of attention from garden visitors.

 Photos and Comments from Readers;

By Sheri;

 Hello, I have a 3 1/2 yr old Joseph's coat climber, it's over 7' and 
is blooming like mad. This year at the top there is a new species of 
rose blooming there. It is a very soft pink and white stripes. It has 
strong aroma of an "old rose". I have never seen this bush bloom with 2 
entirely different types of roses. The blooms are usually red, yellow, 
orange then opens to a yellow center. Why are there small pink buds all 
over just the tops? It's gorgeous, but what's happened to this climber? 
Thanks, Sheri

Joesphs coat climbing rose by sheriTop Blooms are Pink!
blooms of joesphs coat roseThe blooms on the bottom
sport of joesphs coat roseThe top of the bush has pink blooms!

Has this ever happened to your Joesphs coat climbing rose?

My guess would be that this is a grafted rose, and some canes are growing from the root stock, so the roses would be that of the root graft.

More Reader Photos...

climbing rose

comments; This is a climbing rose. I just love the mixed, warm colors of this rose.

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