Jeanne Lajoie Rose

Pink Climbing Miniature Rosebush

Jeanne Lajoie mini roseJeanne Lajoie

The Jeanne Lajoie rose, is a climbing miniature rosebush that produces clouds of double, pink roses.

This very popular rose, is one of the best climbing miniatures available. The soft, medium pink roses are exhibition type flowers.

Long pointed buds turn into rich, medium pink colored roses, fading to pale pink, and eventually to white.The flowers are neat, flat, round, and very full of petals.

The flower clusters can contain anywhere from 10 to 40 flowers.

This miniature climbing rose bush is very vigorous,and grows quickly to cover a small trellis, or fence. Don't let the word "miniature" fool you, this miniature rose can grow to around 10 feet!

You will need to secure the canes to support the abundant blooms.

Type Miniature Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Sima 1975

Growth Habits Grows upright, bushy grows 6-10'

Blooms Small size, double, pink blooms are 1" across, with 35-40 petals Flowers open neat, with flat, round petals, in clusters of 10-40.It is considered one of the most floriferous roses ever bred!

Foliage Small, dark green, glossy

Fragrance only slight

Awards American Rose Society Award of Excellence 1977, Miniature rose Hall of Fame 2001

Hardy Zone

zones 5-11

This immensely attractive, and adaptable rose bush, continually covers itself with blooms.

If trained on a fence or trellis,with the canes trained at a lateral horizontal position, bloom production will be staggering. If you want to fill an area with a large display of pink roses, this would be an excellent choice.

Although it is considered a climbing rose, the Jeanne Lajoie rose can also be grown as a freestanding shrub. It is a very bushy rose, with red new growth, appearing continually until early winter. By late Fall, the blooms take on a darker pink hue.

Mine, (pictured above) is one of my favorite roses! It simply covers itself with delicate-looking pretty pink flowers!

All I can say is.... It is just  soo... pretty! And I can attest to the fact that it just keeps on producing blooms!

This climbing miniature rose bush was named for a French-Canadian folk heroine of the 1920's.

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