Jasmina Rose

Fragrant, Climbing Rose Bush

The Jasmina rose is a fragrant, pink climbing rose bush with cupped and quartered, old fashioned blooms in a very lovely blend of pink and violet.

The blooms tend to be a deeper color toward the center of all those petals, and a softer shade on the outer petals.

If you favor the look of old fashioned roses,and want a bush that is very floriferous, and very sweet smelling, give this one a try.

Oh, and it's also very disease resistant! It is rarely affected by black spot or mildew.

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Type Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Tim Hermann Kordes (2005)

Blooms Violet and pink blend with 70-75 petals. Blooms are quartered and cupped. The flowers measure 2-3" across

Foliage Slightly glossy, medium green color, dense foliage

Fragrance Strong, sweet fragrance

Growth Habits Grows 9-10', and is well branched

Hardy zones   Hardy in zones 5-9

The medium sized rounded buds become clusters of violet pink roses that are rosette shaped and very sweet smelling.

Large clusters of 10-15 flowers appear continually through the season.

Luckily, the large clusters are well supported by the dense, well branched bush.

The canes are covered with dense foliage that has very good disease resistance, especially to black spot and mildew.

The Jasmina rose is said to perform really well in the Midwest.

These climbing roses are very beautiful (romantic looking). They remind me of the beautiful English roses because of the shape, but they also remind me specifically of the rose called 'Eden'.

This climbing rose can be used anywhere you need some vertical color from a rose, but this one makes a nice Pillar rose, so if you have a lamp post or pillar in your garden, this would be a good choice.

Planting it on a fence would be nice also.

They also make good roses for cutting; especially with that great fragrance!

Do you Grow this Rose?

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