James Galway Rose

Pink, David Austin Roses

The James Galway Rose was named in honor of a world famous flutist, born in Belfast Ireland.

These David Austin roses are said to be as beautiful and elegant as his music.

The tightly packed petals are a warm pink, shading to lighter pink edges.

The fully double flowers are magnificent!

James Galway rose

It's hard to believe the amount of petals packed into the James Galway rose (over 100 of them).

Not only are the pale pink flowers stunningly beautiful but they are very fragrant with a wonderful old rose scent.

To make it even better; the canes on these David Austin roses are almost thorn-less.

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Type  Climber/Short Shrub

Hybridizer David C. H. Austin 2000 (United Kingdom)

Blooms Light pink blooms are very full of petals (100&) with blooms around 3 1/2" across. Cluster Flowered

Fragrance Moderate (Old rose) scent

Foliage Large size, semi glossy, medium green foliage

Growth Habits Tall, slightly arching,upright, climbing bush grows about 6' (could reach 8' if left to climb) by around 3 1/2' wide

Hardy zones zones 5-10

This rose wants to grow upright. It grows tall, and is slightly arching. It would make a nice climber, or plant it in the back of the garden or border.

It is a continual bloomer, with a wonderful old rose fragrance. It blooms in flushes throughout the growing season from early summer through late summer.

'James Galway' is very healthy growing and considered a disease free rose. (very disease resistant)

It will grow in part shade.

Removing spent blooms helps to keep it flowering.

This English rose takes a year or two (sometimes 3) to get going. Be patient with it and give it that long to establish itself, you will be greatly rewarded when you experience it's full potential.

An established bush has long, arching canes with roses that completely cover the bush. Literally hundreds of beautiful roses!

It's on my wish list for spring!

Best uses for this rose; Tall shrub, train it as a climber, cut flowers

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