Jacques Cartier Rose

Hybrid Perpetual Rose Bush

The Jacques Cartier rose, also known as Marchesa Boccella, is an excellent repeat blooming, Hybrid Perpetual rose. It produces lovely pink roses that have blush pink edges. The quartered blooms often have a button eye.

This is a vigorous growing rose that grows upright, up to 6', but usually 3-4' tall and less wide. This is one if the best of the hardy, repeat flowering old roses.

Type   Portland (Damask Perpetual)

Hybridizer Desprez 1842

Blooms  Light pink, with blush shaded edges

Foliage   Small, jade green, matte, erect stems

Growth Habits Vigorous, grows upright from 3-6'

Fragrance  Strong to Moderate

Hardy Zone   zones 4-9

The firm buds with feathery sepals open to become clear pink, full petaled, fully double, quartered flowers, often with button eyes. The 3" blooms sit atop short bristly stems, with the leaves going right up to the base of the flower.

The flowers can come singly, or in tight clusters of up to five.

There is lots of light green foliage, typical of the Damask type roses.

In late Spring, the bush gives you abundant amounts of fragrant flowers. They are produced profusely in clusters. They also continue to have repeat flowers throughout the season. Deadheading spent blooms helps to speed up the repeat.

Unlike many of the old roses, 'Jacques Cartier' stands up well even in the rain. Because of the way the petals are arranged, the rain runs right off them.

Care of Jacques Cartier (Marchesa Boccella) Rose

Plant this rose in full sun, in well drained soil, amended with organic matter, give it plenty of water throughout the season, and it will reward you with some very beautiful rose flowers.

Top dress liberally with compost.

This old garden rose has good disease resistance, but sometimes has a problem with Black Spot. A preventative application of organic fungicidal soap early in the Spring, (as soon as leaves emerge) could help ward off fungus infections such as Black Spot.

Best Uses for Jacques Cartier

This is a great rose for the garden. It does well when used for a hedge. It is excellent for small gardens, or use it in front of larger roses.

Be sure to plant it where you can enjoy the wonderful fragrance, and also cut some bouquets for the house.

Group this rose with crimson colored Gallica roses, or spikes of Foxglove flowers, and under-plant with pinks, for a spectacular display. Some silver colored plants, planted close to Jacques Cartier rose (Marchesa Boccella),would also be nice.


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