Ispahan Rose

Pink Damask Roses

The Ispahan rose is considered the best of the old once blooming Damask roses.

This is a very beautiful, hardy, healthy and richly fragrant rose.

The clear pink semi-double flowers are at first opening, high centered and shapely, but as they unfurl, they become loose and muddled with a rough button eye.

Type  Damask

Hybridizer  Unknown (Before 1832)

Blooms   Medium Pink flowers Semi-double, 2 1/2" across

Foliage   Gray green Foliage with few thorns

Fragrance   Intense  (old rose) fragrance

Growth Habits  Vigorous grower 5-6' tall x 3' wide~ upright, dense

Hardy Zones   zones  4-9

The blooms on Ispahan  appear in clusters of up to 15 flowers, giving you instant bouquets. This rose has the most flowers to a cluster than any other Damask rose. It is the first in its class to begin blooming, and the last to stop.

It has only one flush of bloom, but the blooming lasts for weeks, giving you week after week of beautiful flowers. The blooming begins in early summer and continues through late summer.

The blooms on this rose have a powerful old rose fragrance.

The bush grows between 5-6' tall, with a more erect habit, but fairly dense.

The foliage is smooth, semi-glossy, and a medium green color with a hint of gray.

It is seldom bothered by disease.

This rose was introduced into wider cultivation by Norah Lindsay (an English gardener) who claims to have found it in Persia.

If you grow only one old garden rose, 'Ispahan rose' should be the one!

Don't let the 'once-blooming' stop you from growing it, (some of my favorite roses bloom only once) you'll be glad you did!

Tips for growing Ispahan Rose

You can grow it as a specimen, on a pillar, or in a mass. For a stunning effect, plant a group of three roses together. Surround them with dark flowered Gallica roses, foxgloves, and silver/grey leaved plants.

Prune it after it finishes flowering, thinning out crowded stems, and cutting it back by 1/3.

Fertilize it in the spring with a complete organic fertilizer, and top dress with compost.

This lovely once-bloomer is recommended for all regions.

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