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iceberg rose

The Iceberg Rose, is one of the best pure white Floribunda roses that you can grow. A constant bloomer, producing clusters of flowers, it is as popular today as it was over 50 years ago.

Iceberg is one of the best Floribundas you will find.

The upright bush is very vigorous and bushy, growing 4-6 feet.

A slender, crystal white bud opens quickly to show golden stamens.

The fragrant sprays continue to cover the plant in a billowing display all season.

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Kordes 1958

Blooms Large flowers are the purest white,3- 3 1/2" across, with 20-25 petals.

Growth Habits Plant grows upright, vigorous, and bushy 4-6'

Foliage light green, and glossy

Fragrance Moderate fragrance

Awards Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal 1958, Baden-Baden Gold medal 1958, World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Fame 1983, Royal National Rose Society Garden of Merit 1993

Hardy Zone zones 5-10

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This is a classic Floribunda rose that performs well even in wet weather. Clusters of blooms, (up to 15 per spray), are borne in profusion on a strong-growing bush.

This unique variety has dainty blooms that are long-lasting, not only on the bush, but in the vase as well.

Semi-double flowers are white with an occasional pinkish flush. This occurs usually in early Spring, or late Fall, when cooler weather, and damp nights are common.

This rose is very resistant to Mildew, but mildly susceptible to black spot. They combine well with other roses, and are a good choice for hedge roses. It is considered by far, one of the best roses produced in the twentieth century.
The Climbing Iceberg Rose is a climbing sport of this popular rose.
In 1983, this rose was voted the worlds most popular rose.

Pure white clusters of flowers appear throughout the growing season. Blooms are 2-3', cup shaped and fragrant. They are born in open, airy sprays at the ends of long stems.

foliage is light green, lush, glossy. Another good quality is that the bush is nearly thorn-less. This Floribunda rose is relatively disease resistant. It also withstands wet weather well, making it highly resistant to mildew.

Iceberg is a prolific bloomer that is great in the garden. It looks wonderful in mass plantings, and combine well with other color roses.

The bushes grow tall, and are slightly spreading, making "Iceberg Roses" an excellent hedge rose.

If you are looking to plant some white Floribundas that are very winter hardy, these may be a good choice.

They look particularly beautiful when combined with bright red Floribundas.

Iceberg makes a nice cut flower, mix with a couple of red roses and some blue delphinium and you will have a beautiful bouquet.

Now available in NEW Colors

Iceberg is now available in two new colors. Burgandy Iceberg The same great landscape performance in every way! This stunning new Burgundy color has terrific flower production, on a bushy plant, with the same great foliage.

The color is deep purple red with a cream reverse. It is in almost constant bloom, giving you big clusters of blossoms. (wonderful mixed with white Iceberg)
Pink Iceberg

Brilliant Pink Iceberg is also a sport of the white iceberg. The petals are so pretty, they almost look painted. The color is a deep pink and cream.

Same great plant as iceberg, with great flower production, and hardiness. A wonderful Floribunda!

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