Hybrid Tea Rose

 The  Hybrid Tea Rose is the favored rose of those who like to cut long stemmed roses, with large flowers.

red hybrid tea rose

These roses are usually tall, upright plants.

Most have a wonderful fragrance. They are the most popular rose in the world, planted and enjoyed by gardeners everywhere.

The Hybrid Tea rose is equally at home in formal gardens, or informal plantings,as long as they are hardy to your planting zone.

Tea roses are repeat bloomers that have long lasting, high centered blooms. They typically produce one flower per long stem, deadheading the blooms as they fade, encourages the next cycle of blooms.

Hybrid tea roses are the most popular of the modern roses, for not only gardens, but exhibition, as well as bouquets.

Some of the most beautiful dark red roses (especially the ones you get in a bouquet) are Hybrid Tea Roses.

I have more information about many of the Hybrid Tea roses listed on this page.

Go to the Names of Roses page, to see if they are listed.

Some Popular Tea Roses

Admiral also known as 'Waves'

Rose Pink

Flowers are 4.5" across

Strong Old rose fragrance

Adolf Horstmann

Rich burnished gold with hints of salmon on the outer rows of petals

Flowers are 4-6"across

Mild fragrance

 Grows 3-4'

Prolific grower is extremely resistant to black spot and mildew

Akito also known as 'Tanotika'

Pure White

Flowers 3' across

Grows upright, bushy

Always and Forever

Deep, ruby red, velvety blooms

Flowers are 5" across

Only slight fragrance

Grows 5-  5 1/2'

Beautiful cut flowers on this Hybrid Tea rose!


ambassador roseAmbassador rose

A lovely Hybrid Tea. The outer side of the petals are a beautiful creamy yellow that fades to the center of the bloom, where a more apricot color appears. It has lots of glossy green foliage..

 Creamy yellow and apricot colored roses


Bright yellow elegant looking blooms on an upright growing bush. It grows to 6'.

Learn more about the Aperitif rose..

Apricot Candy

Apricot blend. Soft, sweet apricot color with ruffled petals

Flowers are 3- 31/2" across

Spicy fragrance

Bushy upright plants grow 5- 5 1/2'

Heat tolerant

April in Paris

Cream with pink blend

4 1/2" blooms with 30 plus petals

Intense tea rose scent

Grows 5' x 4' wide



aromatherapy tea rose

This tea rose, is a very vigorous bush that produces lovely pink blooms. It is a prolific bloomer for the duration of the season. The blooms are very long lasting blooms.

The bush grows 5-6feet

It has a very Intense, fruity fragrance

Hardy zones 6-10

Great for cutting!

photo courtesy Rick Leche


Red with shades of violet and purple

Flowers are almost 5" across

Grows compact 3-6'



Flowers are almost 5" across

Grows 3-4'


Carmine pink flowers

Grows 2-3'

(This is not the only Hybrid Tea Rose with this name)


Dark red with a velvet glow inside the petals

Grows 28-39"

(A beautiful rose!)

Barbara Streisand

Light lavender edged in a deeper tone of lavender

Flowers are 4-6" across

 Strong rose fragrance

 Grows 3-5'

Grows masses of fragrant flowers!

Baronne De Rothschild

Magenta red with a white reverse

Flowers are 5" across

Grows 3- 4 1/2'

Strong, spicy fragrance

Excellent disease resistance

Unbeatable for cutting!

Beautiful Dreamer

Pink to coral with lighter reverse

 5" blooms with 35-40 petals

Moderate/light fragrance

Grows 4 1/2 x 3' wide    See it and learn more..


Warm yellow blushed with pink edges

4-4 1/2" blooms

Antique rose fragrance

Glossy green disease resistant foliage

Grows 4-6'

Hardy zones 6-9


Bright Red 4-5" blooms

Light fragrance

 Glossy dark green foliage

Prolific bloomer

Grows 5'

Best Kept Secret

White blooms suffused with light pink are highlighted by medium pink edges

Flowers are 4" across

Strong, citrus fragrance

Grows 3 1/2 - 4'

Vigorous, compact growing

Rust and mildew resistant Hybrid Tea rose


Soft, pink blend

Flowers are 4" across

Intense, fruity fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Bushy, upright grower

resistant to black spot and mildew

More about Beverly..

Big Momma

Bright Pink, petals turn lighter toward the base

Flowers are 4" across

Strong rose and fruit fragrance

Grows to 5 1/2'

Vigorous, upright growing

Dark green, glossy foliage

Big Purple

Purple (the color of grape juice)

Flowers are 5-7" across

Strong, sweet, old rose fragrance

Grows 5-6'

Grows stiffly upright

Hardy, resistant to black spot, mildew and rust

Black Baccara

Burgundy black, velvety petals

Flowers are 3-4" across

No fragrance!

Grows 5-6'

Cut flowers last up to 2 weeks!

Black Magic

Dark Red4-5" blooms

Light, sweet fragrance

glossy, dark green foliage

Grows 5-6'


 Apricot colored rose with very large flowers of a vivid apricot color. Great cut flower.

Brides Dream

Pale, satiny pink

Flowers are 5-7" across

Medium fragrance

Grows 5-6'

Tall grower that will be cut shorter as you cut armloads of blooms!

Great cut flower


Pink and white 4 1/2" blooms with 25-40 petals

Grows 5- 51/2' x 4-5' wide

Spicy fragrance

Nearly thornless

Loves hot climates

Hardy zones 7-10

California Dreamin

White suffused with pink, and much deeper pink on petal edges

Flowers are 4-6" across

Strong, citrus fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Tolerant to most rose diseases

(Loves growing in California!)

Centennial Star

Golden yellow petals edged with pink are gently ruffled

Flowers are 5" across

Strong fragrance

Grows 3-4'

(looks a bit like Peace)

Change of Heart

Pink with a cream reverse ruffled 4-5" blooms

 Spicy scent

Glossy foliage

Grows 5'

Picture and more on this rose..

Chris Evert

Vibrant Orange/yellow with a wash of bright red toward the outer edges

Flowers are 4-6" across

Moderate, fruity fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Red leaves mature to glossy green

Chrysler Imperial

chrysler imperial rose

 This Hybrid Tea is a landmark rose with a powerful rich rose fragrance and velvety red petals. It has long straight stems, perfect for cutting. It has lots of dark matte-green leaves.

Vigorous and happiest in hot temperatures. •Color: Velvety dark red

Most Hybrid Tea Roses are hardy in zones 6-10. Some are hardy as far as zone 5, but I caution you if you live in that zone, to protect them as much as you can!

If you don't know if you are in the right zone to grow a

Hybrid Tea Rose click here for planting zones

hybrid tea roses

Need More information on Hybrid Tea Roses?

Cinnamon Dolce

Brick red specked with deep pink

Flowers are 3 1/2 - 4" across

Strong, sweet, verbena & citrus fragrance

Grows 5 1/2 - 6'

Excellent resistance to mildew and rust

Commonwealth Glory

Ivory and peach colored blooms

Flowers are 5-7" across

Strong fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Vigorous, well branched, good disease resistance

Bigger blooms in cooler temperatures


White with pink, soft looking, very fragrant rose with large, 5" blooms.

Grows 5-6'

Strong fragrance

Very disease resistant

Daring Spirit           New rose for 2015!

Deep Pink with cream colored stripes

5" spice scented blooms

Grows 5' tall by 4' wide

Dainty Bess

Only 5 petals, creamy pink with burgundy stamens

Flowers are 4-6"across

Tall upright- grows 5-6'

Mild, spicy fragrance

Beautiful airy clusters on hardy plants

Vintage Hybrid Tea Rose

Dark Night

Dark velvety red with a light yellow reverse, suffused with red

Flowers are 3 1/2-4"

Slight fragrance

Grows 5 - 5 1/2'

Very Unique coloring!


Deep pink old fashioned cupped blooms (look like English roses!)

Flowers are 4" across

Very strong fragrance verbena & citrus

Grows 6-6 1/2'

Upright, bushy plants are disease resistant

Zone 5 Hardy! Maybe us Northern gardeners should give this one a try!

Diana Princess of Wales

Cream with pink blush 4-5" blooms

Tea rose scent

Grows 5-6'

Double Delight

Creamy Pink to Yellow with red 5-6" blooms

Strong, spicy fragrance

Vigorous bloomer!

Grows 3-4'


Deep, clear pink

Flowers are 5-7" across

Grows 4-5'

Strong fragrance

Constantly blooming!

Elegant Lady

Pink and cream 4 1/2"-5" blooms

Tea rose scent

Grows 5 1/2' x 4' wide

Very popular, velvety blooms!


Light yellow/Ivory blooms

Flowers are 5 1/2-6" across

Grows 5-6'

Slight fragrance

Disease resistant

Falling In Love

Pure pink softens to white on the outer petals & the reverse

Flowers are 5-7" across

Strong rose and fruit fragrance

Grows 3-5'

Upright, compact plants

Long stems for cutting


Bright Cherry red

Flowers are 4 1/2" across

Slight fragrance

Grows 2 1/2 - 3'

Clusters of Blooms! Extremely Floriferous

Extremely high disease resistance to black spot and mildew


Very fragrant red rose.

4-6” blooms on long cutting stems. 

Flowers hold up well even in intense heat. Disease resistant rose is a vigorous grower , reaching 5-6’. 

This was the first sponsorship rose of the “Remember Me” garden fund honoring the 9-11 victims.

Fragrant Cloud

fragrant cloud tea roseFragrant Cloud

Coral/red 5" blooms

Strong Old rose fragrance

Grows 3'

Francis Meilland

Soft, shell pink

Flowers are 5" across

Strong fruit & citrus fragrance (smells like roses should!)

 Grows 6 - 6 1/2'

Excellent disease resistance

Full Sail-

One of the best whit tea roses with a powerful honeysuckle fragrance.  The 6” wide blooms has won many awards. Plants grow 5-6’, with glossy foliage.

Garden Party

This classic Hybrid Tea has creamy white flowers edged with lavender pink. Very large flowers are pretty in the garden and the vase. A favorite for many years.


Coral Pink and Cream 4-5" Blooms

Light Papaya fragrance

Vigorous and trouble free!

Grows 5-6'

Gift of Life

Soft golden yellow tinged with light pink

Flowers are 4-6"across

Moderate, rose fragrance

Grows 4-5'

Sturdy, upright grower

Produces masses of flowers!

A portion of the proceeds of this rose goes to the National Kidney Foundation and the Organ Donor Program

Good As Gold

Blend of gold, orange and yellow

Flowers are 4-5" across

Grapefruit and citrus fragrance

 Grows 3-6'

Upright, bushy

Long, cutting stems

Grande Amore

Shiny, intense, dark red

Flower size 4"

Moderate fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Outstanding resistance to black spot and powdery mildew

Fabulous rose!

Grande Dame

Fully double, rose pink with a hint of blue tones

Flower size 5-6" across

Intense old rose fragrance

Grows 4- 5 1/2' Shrub-like bushes

Exceptional disease resistance


hacienda roseHacienda

photo courtesy: Antonio Motta View more rose images from his lovely garden at www.ameroses.com

This classically formed Hybrid Tea  has various shades of gold and apricot. They have an unusual, bright yellow " peacock" fan pattern on the backs of each petal.

This rose is exhibition quality. They do fade in the heat. They are typically called a "bouquet machine", because of the abundance of flowers the bush produces.

Large flowers can get as large as 6 inches across. Plant can grow 5-6 ft. They have only a slight fragrance.

A lovely addition to the garden.

Large flowered, with very dark red, with a lighter reverse coloring.

Strong- fruity, musk, old rose fragrance.

This tall upright bush grows 5-6 ft.

Very disease resistant Named for the firefighters who lost their lives on Sept.11 2001. "Remember me" rose gardens will be building 3 rose gardens near where the planes crashed that awful day. Each garden will have a rose bush for each victim that day. Nearly 3,000 rose bushes in each garden...

Looking for more RED roses? look here!


Blend of Lilac and lavender

Flowers are 4-5" across

Strong, sweet, fruity fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Long cutting stems

Henry Fonda

Yellow blooms are 4 1/2" with 20-25 petals

Light, sweet fragrance

Grows 5' x 4-5' wide

Abundant blooms nearly hide the foliage!

Disease resistant


Pink and white (looks hand painted)

5" blooms with 25-30 petals

Mild, spicy fragrance

Grows 5' x 3' wide

Ink Spots

Extremely Dark, velvety red 4" flowers

Large dark green leaves

Grows 4-6'

For more ideas on planting and growing Hybrid Teas

John F. Kennedy

Pure White 5-6" blooms

Strong, fruity fragrance

Loves the heat

Grows 3-4'

Just Joey

Apricot blooms age to a lighter buff

Flowers are 5-7"

Strong, fruity fragrance

Grows 4-5'

Great show rose for cooler climates


Pure scarlet

Flowers are 4-6" across

Slight fragrance

Grows 4-5'

Upright growing

Very disease resistant, and hardy

Lady Bird

Deep orange to Coral orange 5" blooms

Light spicy scent

Grows 5-6'

Heat tolerant

Lasting Love-

Rose fragrant blooms are a blend of dusky red with deep plum rose. Foliage is a dark forest green and glossy. 3-5’ plants are disease resistant.

LeAnn Rimes

Creamy white with a rose pink blush on petal edges

Flowers are 5-6"across

Strong, sweet fragrance

Grows 5-7'

Vigorous and floriferous

Very hardy, it excels in the upper Midwest and Northeast


Clear, dark red

Flowers are 4-6" across

Moderate, rose fragrance

Grows 4-6'

Vigorous, Hardy, large and spreading plant

Good disease resistance

Louise Hay

Blend of apricot, orange and gold

Flowers are 5" across

Mild fragrance

Grows 4-5'

Disease resistant

Long sturdy cutting stems

Love & Peace

Soft yellow splashed with pink

Flowers are 5-7" across

Mild fragrance

Grows 5-7'

Bushy, vigorous

Flowers hold well in the vase

Marijke Koopman

Medium Pink

Flowers are 4-6" across

 Slight fragrance

Grows 5-6'

Upright with dense foliage

Very resistant to diseases

Marilyn Monroe

Creamy apricot

Flowers are 5-7"

Mild citrus fragrance

Grows 4-6'

Strong, vigorous, loves the heat!

Disease resistant

Memorial Day

Frilly Orchid pink tones, softened by lavender

Flowers are 6-8" across

Strong Damask Fragrance

Grows 4-6'

Very disease resistant, loves the heat!

Great cut flowers!


Soft, pastel pink

Flowers are 5-6" across


Strong, sweet rose scent


Buttery yellow, old fashioned form

Flowers are 5"

Grows 5-6' upright growing

Strong, sweet lemon fragrance

Midas Touch

Golden Yellow

Flowers are 4-5"

Grows 4-5'

Medium, musk scent

Vigorous, disease resistant and hardy

Learn more about a specific Hybrid Tea Rose...

miss all american beauty roseMiss All American Beauty

Miss All American Beauty Rose

These Hybrid Tea roses are brilliant pink.

Sweet, rose fragrance

Does well in all climates. The large pink blooms of these hybrid roses stand out against the large green leather back drop of foliage.

•Color: Deep hot pink

Melody Parfumee

Deep Plum buds become silvery lavender blooms 4-5" across

Strong, antique rose fragrance on these Hybrid Tea roses

Grows 5'

Memorial Day


4-5" blooms with 5o plus petals

Strong Damask fragrance

Grows 5-6' x 3-4' wide

(loves the heat)

Mister Lincoln

Deep red

4-6" blooms have 25-40 petals

Strong melon fragrance

Grows 4-8' by 3-4' wide

Vigorous grower, long season of bloom, exhibition quality velvety blooms

Mother's Rose

Coral and Pink blend 5" blooms

Light fragrance

Long lasting cut flowers!

Grows 6'

Moon Shadow

moon shadow hybrid tea roseMoon Shadow

This purple beauty has very unique coloring. Bush grows to five feet and has lovely dark green foliage. Long pointed buds open into beautiful double blooms.

This is a great long stemmed cutting rose. It has a wonderful strong antique rose fragrance.

Hardy Zones 6-10

Available from: Heirloom Roses photo courtesy of Drew Avery


Pure white with a delicate pink edge

Flowers are 5-7"

Grows 4-6'  Loves hot weather!

Mild tea fragrance

Nancy Reagan

Apricot 5" blooms

 Glossy dark green foliage

Light sweet scent

Grows 5'

Neil Diamond New for 2015

Pink and white striped rose

Blooms are 5" across

Grows 4-5'

Intense fragrance


Lavender with subtle purple edges

blooms are 5-7" across

Strong rose fragrance

 Grows 4-5'

New Zealand

Soft Pink 4-6" blooms

Honeysuckle fragrance

Dark green foliage

Grows 4-5' tall

Interested in Purchasing some Hybrid Tea Roses?

You can purchase many different Hybrid Tea roses at Jackson & PerkinsHybrid

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