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This is page 2 of Hybrid Roses. The beautiful tea roses with pictures and descriptions give you lots of information about each one, so you can decide if it would be right for your garden. If you live in a planting zone that is suitable to grow these Tea roses you are very lucky indeed! See page 1 of Hybrid Tea Roses

chrysler imperial rose

Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea, a landmark rose with a powerful rich rose fragrance and velvety red petals, long straight stems, cloaked with dark matte-green leaves.

Vigorous and happiest in hot temperatures. •Color: Velvety dark red

touch of class rose

Touch of Class Rose

Hybrid Tea, her large luminous blossoms are the epitome of rose form, slowly spiraling open, yet stubbornly retaining the pin-point center.

The blending of orange, pink and cream in the pointed buds finish a warm coral. This vigorous plant gives lots of long stems complimented by deep green foliage that begins a beautiful mahogany color on its new growth.

•Color: Glowing coral pink

perfume delight rose

Perfume Delight Rose

Every rose should smell as sweet as these Hybrid Teas.

From its big shapely buds and blooms on long stems with dark green back drop of foliage to its strong damask rose perfume, this rose can take your breath away.

•Color: Deep rose pink

olympaid hybrid tea rose

Olympiad Rose

Hybrid Tea, The bright red colors start showing through the bud stage and stay strong through out the blooming cycle. Each large bloom is held on long stout stems produced by the very vigorous plant with distinctive green foliage

•Color: Brilliant red

ambasador rose

Ambassador Rose

Hybrid Tea, the out-side of the blooms are a beautiful creamy yellow that fades to the center of the bloom as a calm and soothing apricot color appears. The plant is clothed in glossy dark green foliage that enhances the colors that can warm your heart.

•Color: Creamy yellow and apricot

miss all american beauty rose

Miss All American Beauty Rose

Hybrid Tea, her beautiful flowing gown of brilliant pink and sweet rosy perfume make her the perfect lady.

She performs wonderful in all climates. The large pink blooms of these hybrid roses stand out against the large green leather back drop of foliage.

•Color: Deep hot pink

oregold hybrid roses

Oregold Rose

Hybrid Tea, the lasting deep yellow color of the big pointed buds and large finely formed flowers is certainly a beauty to behold. The glossy polished dark green leaves make the blooms sparkle all the more.

•Color: Deep yellow gold

More Hybrid Roses...

Brandy Rose Apricot colored rose with very large flowers of a vivid apricot color. Great cut flower.

Firefighter -  Very fragrant red rose. 4-6” blooms on long cutting stems.  Flowers hold up well even in intense heat. Disease resistant rose is a vigorous grower , reaching 5-6’.  This was the first sponsorship rose of the “Remember Me” garden fund honoring the 9-11 victims.

Full Sail- One of the best whit tea roses with a powerful honeysuckle fragrance.  The 6” wide blooms has won many awards. Plants grow 5-6’, with glossy foliage.

Garden Party Rose
This classic Hybrid Tea has creamy white flowers edged with lavender pink. Very large flowers are pretty in the garden and the vase. A favorite for many years.

Lasting Love- Rose fragrant blooms are a blend of dusky red with deep plum rose. Foliage is a dark forest green and glossy. 3-5’ plants are disease resistant.

Neptune- High centered, fully double flowers are 5-6” across. Bloom color is lavender tinged with darker purple edges. 3-5’ disease resistant plants. Foliage is large sized , and glossy green.  Sweet, rose fragrance.

Pascali- Recognized world-wide, highly acclaimed white rose has beautifully formed, 4-5” white blooms that are long lasting in the vase. The 3-5’ plants have dark green leathery foliage that is highly disease resistant.

Perfect Moment Rose

A simply stunning Hybrid Tea with large yellow flowers edged with red. The flowers appear to "glow"

Pure Posh

Fragrant  roses are a beautiful shade of lavender

healthy disease resistant foliage

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