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This is page 2 of Hybrid Roses. The beautiful tea roses with pictures and descriptions give you lots of information about each one, so you can decide if it would be right for your garden.

If you live in a planting zone that is suitable to grow these Tea roses you are very lucky indeed! See page 1 of Hybrid Tea Roses

olympaid hybrid tea roseOlympaid Rose

Olympiad Rose

Hybrid Tea, The bright red colors start showing through the bud stage and stay strong through out the blooming cycle. Each large bloom is held on long stout stems produced by the very vigorous plant with distinctive green foliage

The color of these Hybrid roses is a Brilliant red


oregold hybrid rosesOregold

Oregold Rose

Hybrid roses with a lasting deep yellow color. Big pointed buds and large finely formed flowers is certainly a beauty to behold. The glossy polished dark green leaves make the blooms sparkle even more.

•Color: Deep yellow gold

Our Lady of Quadalupe

Hybrid roses are Silvery Pink 3-4" blooms

Light sweet scent

Glossy dark green foliage

Grows 3-4'

Over The Moon

Sugary apricot blooms are 5-6"

Moderate fruity fragrance

Grows 4-5'


disease resistant hybrid roses


Lavender blooms with magenta pink tips

Moderate, fruity fragrance

 Grows 3-4'

Beautiful, unusual blooms!


Recognized world-wide, highly acclaimed white rose has beautifully formed, 4-5” white blooms that are long lasting in the vase.

The 3-5’ plants have dark green leathery foliage that is highly disease resistant.


Pink edged yellow rose have huge flowers

Grows 4-6'

Mild, fruity fragrance

Perfume Delight

perfume delight rosePerfume Delight Rose

Perfume Delight Rose

Every rose should smell as sweet as these Hybrid Teas.

From its big shapely buds and blooms on long stems with dark green back drop of foliage to its strong damask rose perfume, this rose can take your breath away.

•Color: Deep rose pink

Perfect Moment

Red-Yellow blend 4 1/2" blooms

Upright, vigorous plants

Mild citrus fragrance

Show stopper/ great in bouquets also

Grows 4'

Pink Promise

Creamy Pink


Rose of the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Grows 4-5'

Pope John Paul II

Pure White

The most fragrant rose of all time!

Grows 4-5'

Vigorous, exceptional disease resistance.

Princess De Monaco

Ivory white petals edged with deep cerise pink

flowers are 4" across

Moderate, fruity fragrance

Grows 2-3'

exceptionally disease resistant

Long cutting stems

Pure Posh      New Rose for 2015

Elegant 5" blooms

Lovely shade of Lavendar

Heavenly scented!

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Radiant Perfume

Deep yellow 4-5" blooms

Strong Citrus scent

Grows 5-6'

Remember Me

Coppery orange/apricot

Moderate fragrance

Grows 4-5'

shiny dark green foliage

Rio Samba

Bright golden yellow with tips turning scarlet as they open

Blooms are 4-6" across

 Grows 4-6'

Only slight fragrance

Ronald Reagan

Red with white reverse 4-5" blooms

Light sweet scent

Glossy dark green foliage

Grows 6'

Rouge Royale

Bright raspberry red with purple hues

Strong, citrus and berry scent

Grows 4-5'

Quartered, old fashioned blooms look like English roses!

Royal Amethyst

Lavender/mauve with purple tones

Grows 3-5'

Strong, fruity fragrance

Blooms are long lasting


Rich cream brushed with pink blooms are 5-7" across

Strong, sweet spicy fragrance

Grows 4-5'

Secret's Out!

Pure white blooms are 4-6" across

Strong spicy fragrance

Grows 3 1/2 - 4'

Disease resistant and hardy


Coral toned blend

flowers are 5"across

Strong, pear fragrance

 Grows 5 - 5 1/2'

Sheer Bliss

White blooms have soft pink tints on petal edges

blooms 5-7"

Strong, sweet fragrance

grows 5-7'

Stand up well to heat,rain, and bad winters

Long cutting stems

Sheer Magic

Cream and Coral 4" blooms

Bright sun makes for more color contrast

Light, spicy fragrance

 Grows 5'

Souvenir De Baden-Baden

Pink and cream blend blooms are 3-4" across

Strong rose fragrance

Grows 3-4'

Disease resistant

Great cutting flowers


Deep Coral pink 4-5" blooms

Semi-glossy foliage

Light, spicy fragrance

Grows 5'

St. Patrick

Yellow with a hint of green

Disease resistant

Huge flowers are 5-7" across


Slight fragrance

Sugar Moon

Pure White blooms 4-5"

Intense sweet citrus, and rose fragrance

superior disease resistance

Grows 4 1/2 - 6'

Summer Surprise

Yellow and orange blend

Clove fragrance

grows 4 1/2'


sunstruck roseSunstruck

This classically formed Hybrid Tea  has various shades of gold and apricot. They have an unusual, bright yellow " peacock" fan pattern on the backs of each petal.

This rose is exhibition quality. They do fade in the heat. They are typically called a "bouquet machine", because of the abundance of flowers the bush produces.

Large flowers can get as large as 6 inches across. Plant can grow 5-6 ft. They have only a slight fragrance.

A lovely addition to the garden.

Sweet Freedom

White 4" blooms with a hint of green on outer petals

Strong, sweet scent

resistant to mildew and rust

Grows 5'

Tahitian Sunset

Peachy/apricot 5" blooms

Licorice scented

Grows 5'

Semi-glossy foliage

Fast repeat

The McCartney Rose

Rose Pink blooms 4 1/2" across

Rich, spicy fragrance

Grows 4-6'

Lots of matte green foliage


Pure white blooms are 4-6" across

No fragrance

Grows up to 5'

Great cut flower completely rain and dew resistant

touch of class roseTouch of Class

Touch of Class Rose

Hybrid Tea, her large luminous blossoms are the epitome of rose form, slowly spiraling open, yet stubbornly retaining the pin-point center.

The blending of orange, pink and cream in the pointed buds finish a warm coral. This vigorous plant gives lots of long stems complimented by deep green foliage that begins a beautiful mahogany color on its new growth.

•Color: Glowing coral pink


Coral/orange blooms are 5" across

Prolific bloomer

glossy green leaves

Grows 2-6'

Intense fragrance

Ultimate Pink

ultimate pink roseUltimate Pink rose

Large, light hybrid tea pink flowers are classic tea form, and are produced throughout the season, on long cutting stems.

This is an upright vigorous 4-6 ft. plant

This rose has a slight, sweet fragrance.

Disease resistant bush

One of the best in Pink Hybrid Teas

More Hybrid Roses..


Unique color! Warm yellow suffused with tones of copper and apricot

Huge blooms!

Strong, sweet scent

Grows 2 1/2 - 3 1/2'

Veterans Honor

Dark Red 5-6" blooms

Fruity scent

Long lasting cut flowers

Grows 5'


Deep pink 5" blooms

Light sweet fragrance

Glossy dark green foliage

Color holds well in sun

Great bouquets

Grows 5'

Wedding Bells

Beautiful Pink with the tips of the petals a shade darker pink

Disease resistant to black spot and mildew

Grows 2 1/2 - 3'

Light fragrance

Welcome Home

Light yellow/peachy 4-5" blooms

Licorice fragrance

Great in all climates

Grows 5-6'


Orange/yellow reverse 4" blooms

 Musk fragrance

long lasting cut flowers

Semi-glossy foliage

Grows 5'

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