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Start your own seeds and cuttings

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How to Build a Greenhouse?

My husband built this greenhouse for me, several years ago. This is the inside,full of plants and a whole bunch of hangers I made.

Read my advice about how to build a greenhouse, then build one in your back yard. You'll soon discover that greenhouses are as much fun as outdoor gardening!

Not only do you reep the benefits of growing your very own vegetables and flowers from seeds, but you get the opportunity of (playing in the dirt) all year long!

Lets face it, buying a package of seeds, and growing them in a flat yourself, is much more cost effective than buying a flat at the garden center!

I've started many of my perennial plants from seed. Some of my favorites like Delphinium, and Foxgloves, are very easy to start from seed. They take a year of growing to flower, but I can wait.

Once you learn about having a greenhouse for yourself, you'll have more plants than you know what to do with!

How to Build your own?

backyard greenhouse

My husband built mine from galvanized pipe, Pine lumber, wire for the shelves, and heavy duty greenhouse plastic. He used an old screen door, and two small storm windows he had replaced from somewhere on the house.

He got the greenhouse plans from my father, who had built a couple of really big ones for my mom. (We're a gardening family!)

There are many kinds available, from Solar, Glass, to my simple one.

Many sizes to choose from, according to your needs. Small for a few plants, or really large, that could eventually become a source of income for you. If you have ever given thought to making money from selling plants, you should take a look at these plans to start a backyard nursery. Subscribe to this FREE Newsletter: If you want LOTS of gardening information, on just about every kind of gardening I can think of (including roses) Take a look at this! Written by a guy named Mike McGroarty, he gives you straight answers, and wonderful advice! His backyard Nursery plan was featured in "Mother Earth News" magazine. Oct/Nov 2000 issue.

When you get on his site, if you read his story "who is mike McGroaty" it breaks your heart! This guy had some really tough breaks! But... he did what he had to do, learned this business,and he now shares his knowledge with others.

The newsletter is Packed with all kinds of gardening information. (it's FREE)

I like the idea so much, I'm going to be starting some cuttings of my own in a few weeks. (need to wait for the shrubs in my area to be growing a bit, before I can take cuttings)

I have lots of shrubs that I would like to make more of, and if I can sell some of them Even better! I'll have more money to buy some of the new roses I've been drooling over in the catalogs!

More Plans to Build your own!!

green house you can build
Click Here for Plans to Build your own Greenhouse!

build a green house e book

Benefits of owning a greenhouse

When you learn how to build a greenhouse, you will see that it can be relatively inexpensive, and add lots of pleasure to your gardening experience.

Learn more about starting seeds indoors

Backyard Greenhouse Benefits...

  • A backyard greenhouse gives you an advantage to get your plants growing earlier than those without one.
  • You can overwinter plants. Providing you have the temperature controlled.
  • You can save money by starting LOTS of plants verses buying them in flats.
  • You can grow vegetables year round (temperature considered)
  • You can even grow Hydroponic if you choose!
  • Keep reading to discover how to build a greenhouse for yourself.

Start a Nursery

It can be as extensive as you make it. I started out selling plants along the road in front of my house.

I put the plants on a large table, made a sign with prices, and had a can that my Dad made me (screwed into the table) for people to insert the money. I never had a problem with anyone stealing anything. (I think gardening people are very honest!) I watered the lot of them every day, and by summers end, I had hundreds of dollars from those little plants!

Gave me money to buy more plants!!!

inside greenhouse

The first thing you need to do, in researching how to build a greenhouse, is decide how big your greenhouse will be. This one is built in sections, so you can make it any size you want.

Next, decide where you will put it. A sunny area is of course necessary! Close to a water source is also necessary.

Mine has shelves made from lumber and heavy screen. The screen allows the water to flow through. Many of the hoop type greenhouses have the plants on the ground. I like mine up where I can reach them!

More tips:

I also like using landscape fabric on the floor of the greenhouse. It keeps the grass from growing.

You could use pea-stone, or other large stones also, but you'll probably still get some grass growing through.

For the "Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse" E-Book Click Here!

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