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Here you will discover how to prune Rosa Rugosa rose bushes for the effect you want.

You can prune Rugosa roses as a single specimen plant in the garden, or if you've planted a row of them with the intentions of having a flowering hedge; you've made a good choice in picking the Rugosa roses.

These Rugosa rose types do best in Northern climates.

Pruning Rugosa as a Single Specimen

how to prune rosa rugosaRemove dead rose canes

To prune a Rugosa rose as a single specimen plant in the garden, you simply have to remove the dead canes as they appear.

Every now and then you will notice dark colored canes that have died; remove these.

I grow these rose bushes in my own garden, and find them to be a bit like the raspberry canes; you often find a dead cane that needs to be removed.

Cut out the dead cane as close to the ground as you can.

Pruning just above an outward facing leaf or bud also known as (heading), will help to make the bush grow more leaves and look fuller.

If your bush is getting larger than you'd like, you can cut it back a bit more severely right after that first flush of flowers.

How to Prune Rosa Rugosa as a Hedge

These roses are one of the best rose bushes suitable for hedging!

They have all the requirements of a great flowering hedge;

  • They are relatively upright growing
  • They have dense growth
  • They are thickly cloaked with healthy foliage.

To prune Rugosa roses as a hedge; you'll be happy to learn that they don't require that much to keep them looking great as a flowering rose hedge!

If you've just planted your hedge, you don't need to prune them at all for at least the first two years.

You do still have to remove any dead canes as they appear.

You Do Not want to trim your rose hedge with hedge clippers! Leave the clippers for the yews and the boxwood plants.

By shearing them in that manner, you will remove most of the flower producing wood, not to mention the unsightly job you will do on your hedge roses!

The best method for pruning these hedge roses is;

  • Remove those dead canes as they appear
  • After the first flush of flowers cut just above an outward facing bud or leaf that is the right height for your intended hedge.

When asked how to prune Rosa Rugosa.... I suggest... as little as possible!

If you would like to grow a hedge of these roses, you can purchase these   Rosa Rugosa        for a great price!

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