How to Plan a Garden

Planning a Garden

how to plan a garden

Wondering How to plan a garden? A garden can be more than a means to pick your own flowers, vegetables or herbs,it can also be very rewarding and relaxing.

Planning a garden, allows you to achieve a much more attractive and productive garden. If you take the time to plan, and have a specific flower garden plan,you will save time,and money, by not having to re-do or replant. So lets begin.....

Do Your Homework before Planning

The first step is to know what type of garden you want. Will you plant all flowers? Do you want Perennial flowers (ones that come back each year)?

 Plans for  Using Perennials

In a mixed garden,Perennials are the key plants in the garden. So begin by deciding on these.They will provide the major bloom, and form the backbone of the garden. These are dependable, and return each year. For maximum impact, they should repeat throughout the border, the same way that a design in wallpaper, or fabric does.

Find ideas, and some great buys on Hollyhocks and other perennials here.
Or maybe you'd like a cutting garden filled with Annual Flowers (Ones that only grow for one season)?

 Plans Using Annuals

Annuals are secondary, or (filler)flowers. They bloom at the same time as the Perennials, and should harmonize with them. Choose ones that are easy to grow, and prolific. They make the garden seem (full of flowers)as they fill in bare spots. Would you prefer a mixture of both? Will your garden be large enough to include some shrubs and bushes? Roses, perhaps? You don't have to have an all-rose garden. You can very easily plant roses in a mixed border. Be sure to choose ones that harmonize with the other colors in the garden, and are hardy to your area. Find some Easy to Grow roses here
How about small garden trees? Once you know what type of garden you want, you need to think about the plants that you wish to grow, to know how to plan a garden.

Find ideas for Gardening Flowers Plants Trees

Research is Key

If you research the plants you want to grow, you will learn many things. First of all: how big the mature plants will be, so that you know how big an area you need for the garden. Secondly, you will learn if the plants are sun-loving, or shade tolerant plants. Third, you will know if your intended plants will grow in your particular climate or planting zone. Look here for a zone map When considering how to plan a garden, keep in mind:

Plants for Sun, and drought-tolerant plants need a sunny spot. Shade-loving Plants will need a sheltered area.

Things to Consider

Water is essential for any kind of garden, so you should think of how you will water your garden. Mother nature will provide some in the form of rain, but most likely there will be times when you will have to water your garden. Is there a hose close enough to be used?

Is there sufficient Drainage to allow the soil to drain properly? Plants will rot in an area that retains water.

Will Strong Winds be a problem in this spot?

Do you have issues with unwanted critters? By this I mean Deer,Rabbits, Moles, Cats and Dogs.

If this will be a problem, don't despair, you can still have a wonderful garden, you simply need to think about adding a fence around the garden.
If your area is hilly, you can still have a very beautiful garden. How to plan a garden on a hill? You can turn a sloped area into a beautiful tiered garden.

 Plan  a Tiered Garden

Here's how:

  • 1. start at the top of the hill. Measure down about 4-5ft. Using a sturdy garden rake, rake the dirt to make the area level. (some dirt may have to be removed) (The next step could be a bit tricky)
  • 2. To keep the dirt in place, you need to make a type of low retaining wall. You could use landscape timbers, rocks, or any type of paving material.
  • 3. Rake the next area flat/level, and again build your short retaining wall. Repeat until you get to the bottom of your slope.

You can get really creative with your flower garden plans and build steps up to the top, or simply keep it all a planting area.

These gardens are perfect for plants that will grow and spill over the edges of the tiers. Note; This is meant for a small sloped area, for a larger one, you would build the retaining wall first, then level the soil. A tiered garden is perfect for a rock garden!

 For Ideas about colors for your garden look at designs for garden flower beds.

Your research will help you in deciding on proper plants for your garden. You might want to avoid ones that are extremely invasive, as they could eventually over-run the entire garden.

Don't worry if your garden is not perfect the first season, or the next... Half the fun of gardening is experimenting with plants you like. I hope you enjoyed my ideas on how to plan a garden. Please feel free to browse the other pages of this site for more ideas!

 How to plan a garden with more garden design ideas

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