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Beginning Rose Gardening

how to grow roses

Looking for information on How to Grow Roses? Do you want to learn the basics for beginning rose gardening? Keep reading for important tips on how to grow roses, for a beautiful garden of roses. Like all plants that we grow, be it flowers, vegetables, or even house plants; their success depends on many factors. Mainly, the conditions in which they are grown. Growing rose bushes, and gardening with roses is no different.

You'll find many different kinds of roses to choose, but choosing wisely is important.

Roses, will do well and even thrive for you, if you consider their needs, and supply them with it. Of course, you must first choose ones that are suitable to your climate zone. You’ll find a

link to check your planting zone Here

~Sunlight ~

When you learn how to grow a rose, (or how to grow rose bushes), you'll find, that roses need lots of sunshine. Most of them need at least 6 hours of it each day, to grow well, and produce lots of flowers. Roses that are not getting enough sun will grow spindly, and produce few (if any) flowers.

Some roses can grow in partial shade, but they must get enough air circulation around them, so they don’t succumb to mildew. Roses that are shade tolerant are marked, and sold as such. Light, or dappled shade, is the best.

You'll find a list of Shade roses Here

~ Water ~

Be sure you locate your rose garden within reach of a water source. More than likely Mother Nature will not give them an adequate amount, so you’ll be having to water them. Irrigation is great if you can afford it! One of the best rose garden tips I can give someone new to rose gardening, and wanting to learn how to grow roses is: Give them plenty of water!

Roses do not grow well in low areas where water collects, they like a good drink, but not soggy feet!

learn more about watering your roses

~ Protection From Wind and Cold ~

How to grow roses in extreme climates?

Most roses like the warm weather, and thrive best when given shelter from damaging wind and cold. Cold air can collect in low areas, so roses planted in a low spot, are subject to more winter damage. If possible, you should also try to avoid hilltops, where the roses will be exposed to chilling, and drying winds. If your climate zone is extreme, you should choose hardier roses, and give them winter protection.

Tips on Winterizing your roses

~ Good Soil ~

Like any living plant, roses need good soil to thrive. You can easily Improve garden soil with organic matter. This can be very beneficial to your rose plants. Good loam rarely occurs naturally. Most likely, you will need to make amendments to improve drainage, aeration, and nutrient and water retention; you might also enhance the structure of the soil, as well as changing the ph., which is very important to growing roses.

This page Soil for roses- will give the dirt on what roses like

~ Planting Roses ~

When planting a rose garden, it is very important to plant the bushes as soon after you purchase them as possible. You don’t want them to dry out, and you don’t want them to begin growing before you get them planted.

They need plenty of water, even before you plant them! When planting bare root roses, you should soak them in a pail of water before planting, and if you are planting rose bushes that are potted, you should give them a good drink before you plant them. (Give the roots time to take up the water, before planting)

This page planting roses will be helpful

~ Fertilizing ~

I truly support growing your roses organically. When ever I give advice about caring for rose bushes, I always tell people to grow organic!I know there are a lot of products out there, that you can use on your roses, but myself, I am a firm believer in using products that are safe, and won’t hurt the environment. So when you think about fertilizing roses, think organic!

I’ve had excellent results using these all organic products, and in my search of how to grow roses that are spectacular, I can confirm that the results are amazing. This is truly the best organic fertilizer you will find!

Read more about rose fertilizer Here

~ Pests and Diseases ~

Rose plants are susceptible to a variety of different fungal, viral, and bacterial diseases. Practicing good garden hygiene, and choosing plants that are disease resistant, is essential.

Never water the plants from above, which can cause black spot, and other fungal diseases that thrive on moist conditions.

Mildew can be prevented by not planting the roses to close to one another, and keeping larger bushes pruned, as to not grow into each other. Good air circulation will hold off mildew.

Don’t leave pruned canes, or diseases leaves on the ground. Prune off and remove all diseased parts of the plant. Always dip your pruners in a solution of bleach water between plants, so you won’t spread any diseases of roses. (this is a very important tip on how to grow roses!)

~ Controlling Insects ~

There are many common garden pests, but it helps if you know the good garden bugs! Although hundreds of bugs will live in the garden, only a handful of them are actually harmful to your roses, and some are very beneficial insects!

Some will consume some of those bad bugs! Look here to find out which ones are the

Good Garden Bugs!

~ Pruning ~

Do you know how to prune rose bushes?

Usually roses are pruned according to the climate and the calendar. Lately, the (so-called)experts have been advising against the (old) ways of pruning rose bushes, and are suggesting that roses do not need as much of it as once thought, including pruning roses for winter. I say “If something works, stick with it”, so I continue to prune my roses the old school way.

Read my thoughts on how to prune rose bushes here

If you are serious in learning how to grow roses,or are in need of a guide on "Growing Roses for Beginners", search the many pages of this site, and take notes, there is plenty to learn! And thanks for visiting!

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