How to Edge a Garden Bed

My Easy Steps to Edging

I'll show you How to Edge a Garden Bed for a neater and nicer looking garden.

I'm not a professional at this....It's just the way I do it in my own rose garden and flower beds.

If you've always wanted that more finished look to your garden beds.... it's all about the edging! Follow along to see my step by step method.

I like to do the edging of the garden beds in early spring. I find it easier to do before the grass turns green.

Simple Tools for the Job

All you really need is an edging shovel (it has a square but sharp edge), and a straight board. (And of course a wheelbarrow for removing the sod and bringing in the mulch)

So this is the Bed I'm going to be edging to demonstrate to you how I do this.

I want to make the edge more defined and also get it back away from the arbor so that when I mow the grass it will be easier.

The first thing I do is to line up the board where I want the edge to be. My board isn't quite long enough for the bed, but I'll slide it down once I get most of it cut.

So I just go along the length of the board cutting the sod with the shovel. Don't remove it yet, just cut down into it, keeping the shovel lined up close to the board.

Push the shovel AWAY from you as you cut. Don't pull it toward you or you'll move the board.

The purpose of the board is to get a straight line. Some people may be able to do this without the board (if you have a good eye.) Personally I could not! Until I came up with the board method, my beds were all different sizes, and the more I tried to even them off the worse it got!

Once you have the sod all cut you can remove the board. Then from the garden side of the edge, remove the row of sod.

Then spread out some new mulch on the top covering any bare ground spots......and there you have it...

Your steps on How to Edge a Garden Bed!


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