How to Attract Hummingbirds

to your garden

how to attract humming birds with flowers

Do you know how to attract Humming Birds to your garden?

Below, you will find a list of favorite hummingbird flowers, that they are attracted to.

Your rose garden is already an ideal spot to attract the little flying jewels, as long as your garden is organically maintained. By that I mean that you do not spray with pesticides.

Pesticides can sicken the humming birds. Not to mention that those little humming birds like to feast on the small bugs in your garden, (aphids, gnats and spiders). Once you know how to attract hummingbirds, you're sure to see them in your garden this year!

Humming Bird Facts:

Most Humming Birds live on the average, about 4 years, depending on the species. They flap their wings about 55 times per second.

When in flight, they rotate the whole wing.

Flight speed is around 25 m.p.h.

They can dive around 60 m.p.h.!

They can fly in any direction, left, right, backwards, and even upside down.

There are about 343 different kinds of Humming Birds

The weight of a humming Bird ranges from 2 to 20 grams

They spend a lot of time sitting on twigs resting between feedings

Because of their high heart rate and small body size, they need lots of calories. They eat small insects for protein.

They love to take baths! They will dive in and out of sprinklers, or a spray of water, shaking their feathers and preening.

They are one of the smallest birds in the world. The answer to the question "How to attract Humming Birds" to your garden, is to provide them with what they need!

They prefer bright, bold red or orange flowers. Tubular ones are favored, because the nectar is easily extracted. Hummers have a long tongue that can extend to its beak length. This allows them to reach deep inside where most insects can't go.

Plant nectar bearing flowers with blossoms that open out. 90% of their diet is nectar.

Plant flowers with different bloom times, to encourage them to stay, once they've found the garden.

They feed by sight on regularly followed routes. They have no sense of smell.

How to Attract Hummingbirds?..Encourage them to stay and Nest!

bee3 balm humming bird flower

Encourage them to stay, by providing the food source they need. (Nectar bearing flowers)

They build their nests in the forks of tree branches.

They like soft, downy material for nesting. (Ferns, moss, lichens, and spider webs)

Willow and eucalyptus provide wonderful nesting material. Humming Birds are very territorial. They aggressively protect their nectar source. Planting these flowers, is how to attract Humming Birds.

Enjoy the humming sound made by the ooh... so tiny beating wings!

Favorite Hummingbird Flowers


          Bee Balm ~ Canna~ Cardinal Flower~Columbine ~ Coral

Bells~Hollyhocks~ Hosta ~Humming Bird Mint~

Lupine~Penstemn~Yucca~ Liatris~ Phlox


Beard Tongue~ Fire Spike~ Red Salvia~ Fuchsia~ Impatiens

Jewelweed~ Petunia~ Shrimp Plant


Coral Honeysuckle~ Cypress vine~ Morning Glory~Scarlet Runner Bean

Trumpet Creeper (A favorite!)

Trees and Shrubs

Mimosa~ Tree Tobacco~ Turks cap~ Weigela

Flowering Crab Apple~ Rose of Sharon~ Hardy Hibiscus

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MY Favorite Humming Bird Flowers

favorite humming bird flower

I know how to attract Humming Birds to my garden! My garden is a haven for Humming Birds and Butterflies. My gardens are filled with a variety of flowers, but I have lots of their favorite flowers such as: Coral Honeysuckle ( which blooms all summer long), and Red Trumpet vine, which is the Humming Birds favorite!

I love watching them when I'm out in the garden!

Here is a homemade recipe for your hummingbird feeders.

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